Vidmate- The Fleet Footed Downloader

Every application providing utility to its customers is admired and appreciated in the form of a huge customer base and great influencing reviews. The applications providing numerous features related to video downloading are placed on the higher slabs in terms of growth rate and per hour usage in a day due to their widespread demand in various fields and for entertainment purposes too. One of the fastest growing applications hosting such services is Vidmate.

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is a mobile application developed by Nancy Luo in 2016. It is termed as the free and most useful software bundle to download videos from various host sites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vemo and many others. It is a typical multimedia file downloader.


Vidmate can be accessed by anyone due to its easy functioning and its availability in a plethora of languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German and many others. The user can adjust the format and its appearance according to its discretion. The user can search the category or a keyword or the name of the video he wants to stream or download. Similar to YouTube, it shows the most relevant results with a variety of choices each having a download option available in every possible quality ranging from a low-quality resolution to HD quality resolution.

Why Vidmate?

Vidmate is one of the best bib and tucker in this field intended for Android that enables and allows its users to stream videos from various host sites and even download it with unbelievable speed. The collection of the videos available is just remarkable and makes it a standout performer. Following are the features of this eccentric application:

  1. Fast Blazing downloading speed
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Vidmate offers a noteworthy speed to access its functions. Downloading a high-resolution video or converting it into MP3 format, the time frame it takes for performing each function is the secret behind its widespread reach.

  1. Easy accessibility

Vidmate has designed its application in such a way that anyone can access it without scratching their heads. It is a user-friendly application with easy functions. Anyone intending to stream or download a particular video can search it and explore the numerous choices provided by it. The download option gives a wider choice to its users in terms of quality and size of the video.

  1. User-Friendly Design

Youtube is serving as the host of 900 million users, and its appearance and viewership are not uncommon to anyone. Providing a similar interface and appearance is the actual game-changing feature of this application as a viewer would convert into a customer only when it is offered the friendly and acquainted services. It creates a satisfying user experience.

  1. Free

Vidmate is free to operate and download. The application doesn’t charge a single penny to access its advanced features.

  1. Trusted

It is safe to download and operate. User’s security is its primary motive.

It is due to its far-out and erratic functions that it has the customer base of active 3 million users along with 18000 users joining every day. It is spreading its tentacles to make it available to the Apple users and is now a hard taskmaster in its field.