Switch to LED bulbs for a bright home

What are LED bulbs?

LED or the light emitting diodes are very efficient to produce light which is approximately 90% more than the incandescent bulbs. The LED bulb is able to produce light when electrons start to move inside the semiconductor structure of the bulb. The two components of a semiconductor are the positively charged component as well as a negatively charged component. The positively charged component accept electrons and known as holes. The negatively charged component has free electrons. When current is passed through a microchip the tiny source of lights are illuminated as electron from the negative component flows to the positive component of the semiconductor. The excited electrons emit light and the device is known as LED bulbs.
The LED bulbs are the primary source of home lighting as they can emit more light by utilizing less energy. The only problem with LED lightbulb is that some light can be trapped inside the device which results in less emission of light.

The durability of the LED bulbs

The lifetime of the LED bulbs is much more than the incandescent bulbs and other known light bulbs. Unlike the incandescent bulbs, the LED bulbs don’t fail or burnout instead they begin to emit less light which deteriorates with each passing day. The lifetime of a LED bulb is calculated as the duration within which the emission of light decreases by 30%. The LED bulbs with good quality semiconductors and other advanced features can have a shelf life of up to 5 years.

LED bulbs are easily available in the market and one can find them in the online platform also. The popularity of led bulbs for home online shopping is increasing gradually because of the easy availability of different types of LED bulbs in various online shopping platforms.

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How they are different from the Incandescent bulbs?

The LED light bulbs are far better than the indecent bulbs as the design of the LED bulbs are more efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, the LED bulbs are known to be a directional source of light whereas the incandescent bulbs emit light 360 degrees. The incandescent light also heat up more than the LED bulbs which imply that they consume more energy than the LED bulbs and therefore LED bulbs are cost-effective in comparison with the incandescent bulbs.

led bulbs online india are available in red, blue, green and Amber color. For producing white light different color LED lights are arranged or they are coated with phosphor material so that the emitted light can be familiar to the white light. The colored LED Lights are widely used in the traffic signals and as indicator lights.
Heat sinks are introduced in LED light to absorb the heat produced by the LED light and prevent it from dissipating into the surroundings. The Heat sinks are responsible for the longevity of the LED bulbs. Thermal management is one of the most important features of The LED bulbs and the price of the LED bulbs depends on it.