Tips For The First Time Campers

The mere thought about camping gives us an adrenaline rush and evokes a rollercoaster of emotions. While the idea seems exciting but there are a few variables that can make your camping trip, nightmarish. As a first time camper, you definitely don’t want that thing to you else next time, you will find yourself backing out from the plan or canceling the planned trip. We all were once a beginner and after a few experiences, you become a veteran. As for now, it is on us to provide you with some tips that can turn the tides and offer you an enriching and breath-taking experience. So, let’s get started with that.

  • Buy a tent – The first thing that you should put your thoughts on buying a tent. Depending on the number of persons you are camping with, you can take your decision. Ozark trail dome tents series will narrow down your choices and whether you are looking for 2 person tents or 3 person tents, the brand has got you covered. Make sure to buy a tent that offers you enough space, so you don’t have to keep the rest of the stuff, in your car.

  • Make sure to research your destination – Before you hit the roads and reach your destination, it is better if you do some research about your destination. This way, you can get to know the prevailing weather conditions, water accessibility, and many other things. So, when you reach your destination, you are not going to face any sort of trouble rather this will offer you some more time to spend there.

  • Practice all the gears at Home – We often overlook the old adage that Practice makes a man perfect and there is no doubt in this proverb. What most of us do being a first-time camper is that we really don’t practice using the camping gear unless it becomes essential. Things like pitching up the tent require a lot of practice while there are many tents like all season canvas tents that are quite easy to set up but practicing setting up the tent can really be helpful.

  • Don’t Rely on Campfire – The essence of camping is incomplete without campfire and grooving to the music. Well, that should not be your only resort to lighten up your vicinity. Make sure to carry the torch, flashlight along with you. There are certain places where the campfire is not allowed and you have to be careful of that. And if you were thinking to cook your meal using a campfire, trust me, it is going to be worst that you had thought. It is better than you plan your meals in advance and shops for the groceries before your departure.

  • Arrive early at Campside – Showing up late at the campside can be quite back-breaking and stressful. Setting up a tent, feeding yourself after a long journey is certainly an arduous task. The darkness at night will make it more intriguing. It is always better to arrive early at your campsite and in case, if all the spots are filled, you can head over something or the back plan you made. In case, if you have not made any backup, do it before leaving your homes.

  • Don’t go too far from Home – As a first-time camper, you are most likely to face troubles and it is better to not go too far from your homes. What if you find out that you are not comfortable sleeping on the ground. What if you run out of food or water? So, being a novice, these lessons are going to make you experienced. Be smart enough and choose a destination that is near to your home so you could drive off your campside to your home.

  • Have enough clothes in your backpack – Well, you know you are going to play around dirty and getting filthy is the funniest part of the camping. While the excitement for this must not stop you from getting at least 3-4 pairs of clothing. Well, the weather can take a toll on you and you don’t want to be drenched in heavy rain. A rain-coat will definitely save you from getting drenched and prevent you from any contagious disease.

Besides this, there are many other things that you need to take care of and that you will learn after your first camping experience. So, make sure to have fun over there and pass on this information if your friend is planning to step out for camping.