Why Your Firm Needs To Invest In Washroom Services

Are Your Workers Avoiding Communal Bathroom Facilities?

Providing a clean, hygienic bathroom environment should be the bare minimum that a responsible employer can offer their employees.

1 in 10 workers avoids using the bathroom in their workplace due to being put off by the condition of the toilet according to a recent survey published in Personnel Today. Furthermore, 51% of employees admit to having felt appalled by the condition of the bathroom in their place of work during the previous six months, something which washroom services are the perfect solution for!

Failure To Wash Hands Spreads Illness

Working in close proximity with colleagues whilst sharing desks, equipment and facilities mean that bacteria can spread quickly in a business environment. It’s known that corporate sickness can affect the overall productivity of an organization, which is why it’s essential that employers invest in promoting personal hygiene. Yet, three-quarters of workers reveal that they would only wash their hands when another colleague is present in the bathroom, either washing for a longer period of time, or when they typically wouldn’t bother doing so at all.

24% choose not to wash due to wanting to avoid a dirty sink, 17% don’t appreciate the bad smell in the bathroom and 10% find that there’s no soap available. All of these issues can be solved if your organization chooses to invest in washroom services!

How Washroom Services Can Help

Washroom services go far beyond the scope of a regular clean of your bathroom environment. Investing in modern technology for washrooms is key to providing a pleasant and hygienic place for your workers to visit when nature calls. A washroom services Essex provider explains that you can kit out your washroom with features such as air fresheners, soap dispensers, hand dryers, dispensers for sanitary products and toilet seat fresheners. Employers must also invest in a sanitary bin service which includes the supply and regular removal of these containers to comply with current health and safety regulations.

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A Positive Image

When you invest in washroom services for your workplace bathrooms, you’re promoting an image that you care about the wellbeing of your employees and any visitors to your offices. The presentation of a clean and hygienic bathroom puts out a strong message to your staff, but if you feel that they need a helping hand in committing to positive workplace hygiene, you can liaise with HR to ensure that everyone complies.

Notifying Your Staff

You might choose to add a section to the staff handbook about washing hands in the shared bathrooms and kitchen environments to avoid illness. Putting up signs in the ladies’ toilets reminding them about the importance of using sanitary bins rather than flushing tampons down the toilet is also a vital step to take. Make sure you install sanitary bins in each cubicle to avoid the need for female employees to carry used items across the bathroom with them which could cause cross-infection.

Washroom services are an affordable way to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your staff and any visitors to your workplace. Transform your bathrooms by investing in the latest washroom technology and create an environment that your organization should be proud of!