Why My Piano is Out of Tune?

The very first reason is, you instead of calling professional grand piano movers for help, read some random how to transport a piano article and moved your piano on your own. You need to understand that apart from many moving parts, this instrument has 230 strings. The average tension on these strings varies from 150 to 200 pounds apiece. And, this stress does not remain constant. So, one small mistake while moving a grand piano or any other piano will change the tune and if it is a big mistake then it will seriously damage the instrument.

The piano is a sensitive instrument.
The entire construction is very sensitive to even minor changes in the temperature and humidity. The swelling of wooden soundboard due to increased moisture in the air during the rainy days will change the tune of the instrument. Similarly, when the air is dry, the soundboard and other wooden parts of the piano will lose some moisture content and strings will slacken down. This will drop the pitch.    
Continual variations
Do not sit back thinking that the tune will be changed in extreme conditions only. Even minor changes leave an impact. The soundboard slowly rises and falls over short distances. And, this happens constantly. This changes its ability to hold the strings. It cannot keep the strings up to proper pitch.   

The piano is neglected
A neglected piano very easily goes out of the tune. Not hiring professional piano movers and tuners is a negligence. Last time you tuned the instrument, it was spring. Now, winter has arrived and you have not tuned your grand piano during this time. You will find that the pitch is lowered. This will also happen due to your negligence. It does not matter what promises were made when you purchased that piano. A piano cannot stand months in tune. Tune is expected to change in domestic conditions. Better pianos are required to tune more often and it should be done carefully. Treating a piano roughly is like committing a crime. It is an expensive piece and a product of excellent craftsmanship. Ruining a pricey piece like a grand piano makes no sense.     

The frequency of tuning a piano
Some people say that four tunings a year are sufficient. However, those who take their instrument very seriously such as professional artists, they say that you should tune your piano once a month. Tune of a piano slightly rises or drops in 24 hours. You can avoid this by keeping temperature and humidity constant. You can install temperature and humidity controllers in the room where you have placed your piano.

The temperature and humidity change every day. However, apart from installing temperature and humidity controllers, there are some other ways for minimizing the effects of temperature and humidity. You should keep the instrument away from windows and sources of heat such as a fireplace.

And, when you need to transport the piano to your new home, avail the services of professional piano movers and tuners.

You can find professional piano movers and get a piano moving estimate by spending a few minutes on the internet.