Why Medical Tourist Travel to India for Hip Replacement?


The hip joint is a highly crucial part of a human body responsible for the balancing of the body, maintaining mobility and flexibility, and helping you carry out varied functions.

If you suffer any damage or disorder in your hip joint, you cannot perform your daily activities precisely. In case the health issue is severe, you will have to bear severe pain even in sitting, standing, moving or say even in still conditions like sleeping.

To cure the disorder, the orthopedic surgeons first initiate with the non-surgical treatment, which includes, physiotherapy, exercises, and medications.

However, not all the patients will be able to receive the healing with non-surgical treatment. The patients who do not receive the necessary healing with medicines and other non-operative methods, the medical practitioners recommend a hip replacement.

Hip Replacement is a standard procedure in India and preferred because of several reasons, let us check all of them.

Factors Responsible for Attracting Hip Replacement Candidates to India from Different Parts of the World

India ranks first in attracting the maximum number of orthopedic patients across the world and providing them with successful treatment.

Several reasons attracting hip replacement patients are:

  • Hip Joint Replacement Cost in India:

The price of hip replacement is highly affordable. It will cost you around USD 10,000. It is the cost of both hips. In case you have to undergo the unilateral hip replacement, the price is even less. Undergoing the treatment in any other country, you will spend five to six times higher.

  • Availability of the Experienced Doctors:
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The doctors in India possess experience of several years in performing hip replacement surgery. So, all the operations performed by them are successful. The doctors make use of minimally invasive surgery, whenever possible, so there are least or no complications after the surgery. It helps the patient considerably to recover at the earliest. In the case where the patients require replacement of both hips, the orthopedic surgeons have the expertise in replacing both simultaneously. So, the patient does not have to undergo the pain of the surgery again and again.

  • Top Hospitals Offering Best-in-Class Treatment:

There are several hospitals in India, making the orthopedic treatment available with the use of the latest technology, improving the success ratio of the surgery. Also, the higher number of hospitals allows performing maximum operations simultaneously. The patients needing the treatment immediately does not need to wait for an extended period to undergo surgery. They can avail the appointment at the earliest and get rid of arthritic pain, or other sufferings.

Final Words:

The number of people visiting India every year for hip replacement is increasing every year. It is simply because the Total Hip Replacement Cost in India is way too less when you compare the cost of treatment with other countries.

The surgeons provide additional support after the surgery, that is during the recovery period. The medical team is always with the patient to guide precisely, so that they do not suffer from any complications.