Why Eco-Friendly Ganesha is Important?

Every year, India celebrates the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with great enthusiasm. From domestic houses to big puja pandals across the country, people purchase a massive number of Ganesha idols of different sizes and designs. These idols, usually made out of Plaster of Paris are not biodegradable. Even, the colors that are used to paint the outer part of Ganesha’s structure are toxic and it can harm the environment.

We are standing at a point where protecting our environment should be our top priority. When there is a worldwide emergency to mitigate environmental pollution, it’s the time to shift from Ganesha idols made of POP to Eco-friendly Ganesha idols. There are so many pragmatic and useful reasons as to why Eco-friendly Ganesha is important for us and our environment.

1. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols do not pollute the natural water resources

What do we all do after our puja occasion is over? We immerse the Ganesha idols in the nearby rivers and ponds. It brings severe consequences as the water gets polluted by this. The material of the Ganesha idols, non-biodegradable POP, increases the acidity of the water and that causes harm to the natural water bodies, plants, fishes along with the water itself.

When someone uses that polluted water, it can also cause serious harm such as infections in eyes and skin and also various lung diseases, whereas the eco-friendly Ganesha is made out of such items that are already a part of our nature. So, it keeps the water resources clean and does not ruin our environment.

2. It protects Human Health

The chemicals that are used to paint the idols are very much hazardous to human health. It can cause serious bowel ailments for the human body. But, the eco-friendly Ganesha is often made out of paper which doesn’t affect our health.

3. It helps to avoid Food-poisoning

The contamination that fishes and other sea animals receive through the polluted water can cause severe health issues in your body. In eco-friendly Ganesha idols, you do not find such poisonous and harmful metals and chemicals as they are made out of natural products.

4. Eco-friendly Ganeshas can be Homemade

If you want to buy Ganesha idols made of POP, you have to buy it from a sculptor artist. But, in case of an eco-friendly Ganesha, it can be made in your home with the help of your brothers, sisters and other family members. It creates a strong bond among your family members and it spreads so much joy and harmony in your house.

5. Materials are very cheap and easily available

Why should you rely on eco-friendly Ganesha idols? The answer is very easy. Eco- friendly Ganesha idols can be made out of things that are simply obtainable at home. With the rise of popularity and demand, the eco-friendly Ganesha idols are available nowadays in markets also. So, if you want to promote your environment to go green, have an eco-friendly Ganesha to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way.

Some unique eco-friendly Ganesha idols get dissolved in water without any environmental adulteration. There are fish friendly Ganesha idols that are made out of food ingredients for the consumption of fishes.

You can make chocolate Ganesha. After the puja is over, you can distribute it among the deprived children in your area. You can also create cow dung Ganesha. This idea is also eco friendly, as it purifies the environment as well as water. If you make your eco-friendly Ganesha idol with alum, it can also purify the whole water body.