Why Do People Like To Read And Believe In Conspiracy Theories?

All the religions specify on the theory of belief and never rely on assumptions. But even loyalists of every religion are prone to believe in conspiracy theories. Thus, you see and hear that the man landing on the moon was a perfect hoax. As per the conspiracy theory, the actual filming took place in the popular studios of Hollywood. The images were then aired to believe that man landed on the Moon.

Why Do People Believe In Conspiracy Theory?

  1. Fantasy

It is human tendency to always believe in the ‘unnatural.’  Even ‘fantasy’ is not an exception. This is the main reason why people find conspiracy theories so attractive. Every person wants to become successful. When he/she does not get his/her dreams fulfilled, a conspiracy theory is born. Many of the failures end in unworthy assumptions. There are always ‘enemies’ for every person, out to stem their hard and smart efforts. Would you believe, these ‘enemies’ do not have any other job in the world?

You can find the same similarities in your own life. Your search for a reason to explain the loss or failure in a specific job. You do not want to believe the lack of skills, so you blame other forces for the failure.

  1. Feel Special

Then there are some who always want to feel special or want to stand separate from the crowd. These people always want others to think they have valuable information.  The main reason, so many fantasy Hollywood films are blockbusters. Belief in the impossible can be fun, but nobody gets interested in the truth as it is a fact.

You now know the main reason, why some believe the Nazis have escaped to the Moon. You can definitely counter their claims with rock-solid evidence. But remember, it is impossible to alter the beliefs. You may also wound their self-confidence and their zest for personal attention. Their belief in the conspiracy theory will only get stronger.

  1. Peer Pressure

You respect your family and friends. And you will never try to hurt their feelings. Short to say, you are a social animal. There are times when you keep mum about certain beliefs in the social circles. You become a part of the herd.

So, when you hear the conspiracy theory, reptilian men being master of the human race, you do not oppose the idea.  Social pressure belief is the best persuasion that makes you overlook evidence.


Let us imagine a situation. You have recently started a company specializing in doorstep carpenter services in Pune. Your main office building is in the outskirts of the city. You had opted for a storehouse with low rent near a graveyard. But because of stories that ghosts lurk around in the area, you did not rent the storehouse.

In a social gathering, someone informs you there are no ghosts in the specific area. In the particular situation, you definitely fall into an argument. Kindly note an opposite view of the conspiracy theory will infuse the ghost theory in your mind.  Subduing a popular conspiracy theory with facts can be difficult and almost impossible. The reason – they will rear their heads in another form.

But one factor stands separate from all others. Belief in the conspiracy theory can cause changes in health, environment and politics. So tomorrow, you keep mum about a popular conspiracy theory in a social gathering remember you are not the only one.