Why are air coolers better than Air conditioners

As the temperature rises exponentially in the summer seasons in our country, the sale of cooling electronics and appliances also rises to new heights.

Though air coolers and air conditioners both help to fight the scratching heat, air coolers are a much chosen and preferred option by most of them because of several reasons. The reasons are:


Easy installation- Air coolers are very easy to install as they do not need a lot of experts and technicians for its installation. They also incur less charge and is economical as fewer people and less money is used in this process of installing them.


Cheap- Air coolers are a lot cheaper in comparison to the air conditioners as it is less in cost, incurs less amount in its installation, is cheaper to maintain and also install, the experts, workers, and technicians involved with it also incur less cost in the process of repairing it.


Portable- Air coolers are easily portable and have exceptionally more portability as they can be hassle freely carried from one place to another without facing any obstacle or hurdles in that process.


Less energy consumption- Air coolers also consume less energy as compared to the air conditioners as they require less electricity and voltage in its consumption and usage.


Regulates fresh air- Air coolers keep regulating the air of space and room from time to time, as air coolers take fresh air from outside the space whereas, on the other hand, air conditioners keep regulating the same air that is present inside the same room and space.


All these make air coolers always a better option available to the users during the hot days of summer as they are a better option for the majority of the population of our country as most of the people in India are belonging to those families that cannot afford the air conditioners.

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