What to do when reaching VPS limitations?

2020 was a rough year for small and large businesses alike. The physical stores saw an extreme lack of clientel with lockdowns and limitations in place. So, the business owners did the one logical thing and went online. Some focused their attention on improving their already existing websites, some started from zero. Yet running a website is no small task. Just like with operating a physical business, so with running a virtual store or a website with a VPS, you will encounter obstacles.

Windows VPS or Linux?

First, you must choose which type of virtual private server to use. The two most popular options are, of course, Windows and Linux. Windows offers you a more simplistic way of managing your server by providing an easy-to-use GUI yet costs a bit more. As for Linux, it is a cheap VPS choice, but you need to know Shell commands to manage the server. To put it simply – Linux is cheaper and good for those who have a lot of technical know-how, while Windows is beginner friendly, but the price increases accordingly. So, after you chose what VPS will serve you in hosting your website, you must know what technical limitations you will face in the future as business grows.

What are the limitations and solutions?

As the traffic to your website increases, so will the load times for your visitors. This can be remedied by upgrading the VPS. It can be done remotely, as the virtual server can be expanded as you need more resources. This will also increase the capacity, so you can upload even more media to your website. Also, when upgrading the VPS, you will have to partition the server for seamless expansion, without losing your stored data and avoiding long downtimes. Partitioning means that the server will be divided into separate storage disks for each of them to work faster, due to having to process less data. To help you with load times even further, there is another trick you can use. It is advised, if possible, to look for a server, whose physical node is in the same geographical region as your target audience as this will decrease latency and optimize loading times.

Although limited, as all technology, a VPS is a great and flexible tool that can be customized to fit your needs. All the basic problems you might run into already have a solution for them, all you will have to do is just use it.