What is the Purpose of Doing Optometry Course?

The change in medical science is very brisk and with the increase in technology, it has led to an increase in demand of the professionals that are required to handle them. Professionals are not made in a day, they need to study a complete course and require a lot of practice to become master in it. One of the advance courses that we are going to discuss here is the Bsc optometry course.

Optometry is the medical study that is focused on the health and diseases related to the eye. This course involves the advance study of clinical skills that further involves sight measuring, detecting eye diseases or prescribing the contact lenses. The student who completes this course is called an optometrist. As now you can see that every hospital is having the optometry department, so the demand related to this professional has also increased. The course is designed in such a way that students have trained the skills of examining, diagnosing and treating the eye-related problem. The course is reputed colleges are well equipped with the advance technology and techniques that are used nowadays. If a student desires to serve people with their skills so this course is best for them. As this course will help the students to enhance their patients handling tactics and also the managerial skills, interpersonal skills and even communication skills are improved.

 To be a successful optometrist, the student needs to be very hardworking and dedicated towards his work and even confidence plays a great role in the success. After pursuing this course many career opportunities can be open. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Optometrist: being an optometrist, the person examines the eye and finds out the defect in eye-related to vision. A skilled optometrist can examine diseases like conjunctivitis and glaucoma and can provide the best-suited treatment for them.
  • Optician: being an optician you can recommend spectacles to both adults and children. The opticians follow the prescription given by optometrist and according to that, they guide the patients with the right kind of lenses and spectacles.
  • Research assistant: being a research assistant in the optometry field of medical science, you need to prepare reports, articles, and presentations related to research activities. Along with it, the person needs to fulfil the requirement of the teacher as well. Even the job can include routine clerical work depending upon the instructions given by the researchers.
  • Teacher: as a teacher you need to plan the lessons and deliver that to the students. Along with it, you need to trach students’ progress, preparing students for examinations, progressive class environment and good communication with parents.

So, it might be very clear that optometry is a very purposeful course that students can opt for. It is a 3-year course which provides children with full-fledged knowledge. Apart from this, there is a various course in the medical field like diploma in OT technician, diploma in X-ray course, diploma in physiotherapy, dialysis course, BSc in MLT, etc. so according to the preference, the students can opt the course, as in today’s time all the courses are having great career opportunities.