What are the Benefits of Migrating to Canada?

Whenever a person wants to start a new life in a new country they always want better from what they had. Person always looks for a high standard of living, better healthcare and growth opportunities for their career. All these things are being offered by Canada. Getting a permanent residence in Canada is the target for an innumerable immigrant who wants to live in the country.

Canada has a highly prolific economy and it offers benefits to immigrants in terms of high standards of living and lots of job opportunities. Following are some reasons that make Canada as the first choice country to move into:

  • Canada has a well developed and amazing social help system.
  • Canada offers world-renowned excellent medical healthcare benefits to its citizens and residents.
  • Social security benefits support unemployed Canadian citizens.
  • Numbers of jobs in Canada are also high as the country provides countless job opportunities.
  • Canadian passport holder enjoys a visa free travel for almost all major countries in the world.
  • Canada provides with excellent trades and personal growth opportunities.
  • Canada offers a range of immigration programs for employed, self-employed and business men categories. For immigrants who are not qualified for immigration programs, the country still offers those ways to immigrate to Canada via work permit or student programs and these programs offer pr visa.

Reasons that make Canada right choice for immigration

Following are the prime reasons that make immigrants opts for Canada as the prime destination:

  • Social Help: Canadian government has built their social help system in such a way that it facilitates to help the immigrants in every platform. Courses are even started for unemployed residents to improve their skills and help them get a job.
  • Free Medical and Health Services: Medical and health care services are the two important deals for survival and Canadian government has taken over it completely. Residents don’t need to worry about medical expenditure as these are provided by the government.
  • Growth opportunities and High Paying Jobs: Every profession in the country has high growth rate prolifically and help in establishing the candidate as a key coordinate in their respective field of work.
  • Low Crime Rate: Citizens and residents of the country follow rule of law and that makes Canada an ideal destination for prospective immigrants from the world over.
  • Lenient laws: Canada is very opened in inviting skilled and young candidates in its domain and with no restrictions and specific requirements of Canadian and Immigration Canada (CIC). IRCC makes sure that the candidate does not face problems in their immigration proceedings.

Main reasons that immigrants choose Canadian life is because of the benefits of a permanent residence visa. Benefits of getting the Canadian permanent residence visa are as follows:

  • With Canadian permanent residence visa, candidate will be able to live, work or study anywhere in the country.
  • You will be able to sponsor your eligible family members for Canadian immigration.
  • Permanent residence visa holder will be able to apply for Citizenship after spending certain period of time.
  • Canadian pr holder is allowed to work anywhere and in any organization in the country.
  • Canadian residency only pays tax on the basis of physical residency only, there is no tax applicable on the income earned outside Canada.
  • Post-secondary education is subsidized by the federal as well as provincial governments. PR can enroll in free English or French-speaking courses.
  • PR holders receive several social security services. People who are unable to work due to disability or to those who can’t find work are given following provisions:
    • Basic Pension.
    • Subsidized lodging for low-income individuals
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Unemployment Insurance
    • Subsidy on medication for low-income people up to 98%
    • Free courses for job search training
    • Subsidized private nurses
  • Protection under Canadian law.