Water filtration an essential part of our life to make the water safe and clean for drinking

Can anyone live without drinking water? No anybody can live without water.

A person can stay without water for approximately one week not more than that.

If someone says them to live without water for more than a week then definitely he or she will die.

Same thing people are doing by drinking dirty, unhealthy, and contaminated water. If a person is continuously consuming the dirty and unhealthy water one day they will definitely die. Consumption up of dirty and unhealthy water is like consuming poison.

Water is the ill effects of drinking hard, dirty, unhealthy, and contaminated water?

  • If a person is consuming dirty water regularly they will suffer from so many water-borne diseases such as jaundice, typhoid, cholera, etc.
  1. Suffering from so many diseases after consuming up dirty water is due to water pollution.
  2. Water pollution is disturbing the marine life due to which they die in the water and after this, so many harmful bacteria get inside the water and if we consume it we will definitely suffer from so many diseases.
  3. Due to the increase in globalization also the water is getting contaminated and the consumption up of this contaminated problem leads to so many problems.
  4. So, to cure this problem purification of water is very much necessary.
  • Consuming dirty, hard, and unhealthy water makes our body weak and loose.
  1. If someone is consuming dirty water then definitely bacteria will enter his or her body and after entering the bacteria in the human body they will get so many body and health issues.
  2. All the health issues such as obesity, joint pains, etc. are somewhere due to dirty water also.
  3. So to solve all these problems water purification is very much useful.

How should water be purified?

  1. In earlier times, people used to boil water on the burner to make the water purified and drinkable but due to the increase in pollution and globalization the water has become dirtier which cannot be purified by boiling only.
  2. The water which is available today if boiled purifies only 50% of the water. So, to purify water in today’s time people need to use water filters.
  3. Water filters are the best method of purifying water than boiling. Water filters make the dirty and unhealthy water 100% drinkable.

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