What Different Types of CBD Vape Pen can I Buy in the UK?

There are lots of vaping options on offer out in the world and it can all be a bit confusing especially if you are new to CBD. In this post, I will try to explain the difference between CBD vape pod and CBD vape cartridge devices with the hope of helping you answer the question – which CBD vape pen battery should I buy?

Over the last year or so, there is no denying that vaping has gotten a bit of negative press (caused mainly by additives such as vitamin E acetate being used as thickening agents in black market THC in the US), but this just highlights the importance of making sure your CBD vaping supplies are from a reputable and trusted source, have been through all the necessary checks and contain what they are supposed to contain with no other bad stuff! And, the key to both this and an enjoyable CBD vaping experience is ensuring you have great vape hardware. A CBD vape pen is essentially just a device that heats a CBD vape cartridge or chamber filled with your CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil. 

First off, you will have either the choice between a disposable or a non-disposable CBD vape pen device. I will always go for a non-disposable device over a single-use CBD vape pen. Although initially cheaper, over the long run, the disposable CBD vape pens for sale in the UK will end up being pretty expensive as you have to keep buying a whole new CBD vape pen whenever you are done!  Non-disposable CBD cartridges, on the other hand, result in less waste and less long-run cost because they are rechargeable and therefore all you are doing is buying new cartridges when you finish an old one. They also offer a 1) better vaping experience with additional functionality very rarely provided by a single-use CBD vape pen and 2) provide a more versatile vaping experience as you can switch between different CBD vape cartridges at your own discretion (both flavor, CBD type and strength) without being beholden to the one CBD vape cartridge that came with your throwaway pen. 

So, for the sake of the environment, in this article, I will be focusing on the two main types of non-disposable CBD vape pens for sale in the UK: 510 thread batteries/cartridges and a pod system. 

The 510 thread battery 

A 510 thread battery is an industry term for the size of the cartridge connection point on your device meaning that any cartridge that is “510 compatible” will be able to screw onto the top of your 510 thread battery.  510 thread batteries can come in all sorts shapes and sizes – different material, design, and functionality, but the key underlying point is that the connection point (the bit at the top) where you screw in your CBD vape cartridge is standardized across the market.

 It is important to note that whilst all 510 compatible cartridges can physically connect – not all devices will give you an optimal vaping experience. For example, if you are using a ceramic cartridge, you will need a device that has at least a 3.7 voltage battery, or else you will get a very small, sub-par hit.

510 batteries will have different battery capacities (this is the mAh number if you are looking in the product details) which means the amount you are able to use it in between charges – the higher the mAh the longer your CBD vaporizer battery should last! However, even if a battery states a higher mAh this doesn’t always equate to long battery life as this will depend on the quality of the battery so, once again, make sure you are buying from a reputable, high-quality brand.

The specific 510 thread battery device you ultimately decide on depends on your own vaping preferences – for example, if you are looking to vape high concentration CBD vape oils (in addition to just CBD e liquids) you would want to ensure that your device has pre-heat functionality / variable voltage which is powerful enough to vaporize these thicker oils.

I think the slickest looking CBD vape pen for sale in the UK which has all the functionality I require is the Paso 510 vape pen battery which is super versatile so I can use it for vaping both CBD e liquids and more concentrated CBD vape oils with its pre-heat functionality and variable voltage settings!

The pod system 

The most commonly seen pod system you will have definitely come across or seen across the vaping world is the Juul (albeit for use with nicotine e liquids). 

Similar to the 510 thread battery, a “pod” system also uses removable cartridges that are either pre-filled or refillable, but the pods do not have a thread and will usually slide in and snap into (rather than screw) the pod compatible battery device. 

This last point is important to call out – most pod systems are unique to the brand you use meaning that the pod device will have to use the specific pods that are compatible with that system tying you into that brand alone. For example, Pax pods are only compatible with a Pax Era device, Giopen pods are only compatible with the G-pen. Due to this uplift in the cost of brand hardware, 510 thread devices often tend to be cheaper vape pens than the pod devices for sale in the UK. 

In addition, whilst I am a fan of the Pax and Gio pen – which are great bits of hardware – currently, neither of these vape pens is available for sale in the UK. In fact, if you go down the pod route at the moment, you will be limited to smoking CBD e liquids (as opposed to strong vape oils) since as far as I know, no pod-based system in the UK is strong enough to deal with thick CBD vape oils as a 510 device can.

Which should I get?

As is probably clear from the above, I am personally more of a fan of the 510 thread battery device since it is the most commonly used and so tends to be compatible with the widest range of CBD cartridges – particularly the CBD vape oils that I like to smoke – plus it doesn’t force me to only buy the cartridges from one brand.

Please feel free to send questions or thoughts in the comments below – keen to hear your views on this!