Top Things to Check Before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Alternative methods of pregnancy have become increasingly developed over the years. Couples who experience difficulties in conceiving are adopting in-vitro fertilization (IVF), Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and surrogacy.

Finding the right clinic is crucial to your health and ensuring that your baby is conceived in the best possible way under the best medical supervision possible. If you are opting for a clinic abroad, you must be very sure about their licenses to practice and their credibility.

They should also provide proper international patient services. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a clinic.

    1. Travel Assistance: A good clinic should provide proper travel assistance for their international patients. These include air tickets, the arrangement of visa, and even pick-up and drop-off facilities to and from the airport and hotels. These are the crucial international patient services that should be provided by an ideal clinic. The clinic should arrange for your medical visa and should ensure that your paperwork is on point so that you do not face any difficulty on your arrival.
    2. Accommodation Assistance: You clinic’s responsibilities should not end at arranging your travel. They should also make arrangements for your accommodation as well as have measures in place for local transfers and conveyance to and from the clinics.

  • Patient Assistance: A proper clinic should have a well prepared and well-equipped team to deal with patient problems. They should be available at your disposal and help you throughout your fertility treatment process. They should be able to guide you through the clinic paperwork, arrange for medicines and help you in the collection and proper filing of medical reports.

  1. Doctor And Emergency Services: There should be provisions to get access to doctors whenever you desire. They should also be equipped to handle emergencies related to the fertility treatment procedure and conception.
  2. Dietary Counselling: The clinic should have a resident dietician who would be able to guide you about the kind of food you should be eating and the restrictions, if any, that you should be observing.

Your clinics should be well-staffed and they should provide you with other facilities like language interpreters in case language is a barrier for your communication with the doctors. They should also have a well-stocked pharmacy so that you can avail your prescribed medicine. They should also have facilities to order medicines online which can be delivered to you quickly.

Before deciding to travel to a different country, you must be well informed by the clinic about the international travel guidelines, the details of the procedure of the treatment being chosen. There should also be absolute clarity and transparency about the costs that would be incurred by you during the treatment along with your travel and lodging expenses.

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