Top Reasons One Should Know Why not to share or Borrow Shaving Razor

There are different methods of removing hair for men and women and shaving is one of them. It is an easy and less painful method of removing hair. In this procedure, a shaving razor is used to shave hair. Due to hygienic reasons one should not share the shaving razor or borrow razor from someone else.


A safety razor is quite popular as it has double-edged blades that remove hair smoothly. Safety Razors are available for both men and women, and women can use male razors for touch up. This long read will help you to know the top reasons for not sharing or borrowing razors.


These days, you can buy safety razors quite easily. All you need to do is visit top-rated websites selling safety razors. These companies have right name in the market so they will deliver only those products after passing through several quality checks. You must read reviews online to get an idea about the quality of the products.

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Things to Know

  • Safety razors allow smooth removal of hair, but you should never share or borrow the razor. Using someone else’s razor can spread infection, and it is an unhygienic choice so you should never share or borrow a safety razor. You can buy a pack of blades and keep changing them after a few uses.
  • Bacterial and fungal infection are significant risks while sharing the razor. While shaving dead skin cells and bacteria are collected, and if you share the razor, the risk of infection increases.
  • Different types of razors vary in different shapes and sizes. If you use someone else’s razor, there are high chances that you may not be able to make a grip and you may get cuts while shaving.
  • Safety razors are different for both men and women. Women can use men’s razor to remove hair from a smaller area, but for large parts, you need a women’s razor for close results.
  • If you are planning to borrow the razor from your friend, then it might be possible that their razors are not new and cause irritation, redness and cuts on your skin. It may harm your sensitive areas so you should never borrow razors.
  • If you have a refillable razor, then you must stock pack blades so that you don’t have to ask for someone’s razor. You can change your razors after a few uses, and if you have a disposable safety razor, then you must keep some extra razors for you.
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To wrap it up, it is advised not to share your razors with anyone.