Top 5 Tips to decide your niche

Niche; an essential part while considering initiating your own blog. Let’s just stay simple and define a niche as your area of interest you want to circle your ideas around. Your blog has to focus on the point you want to make and should highlight your interest arena. Your blog, in short, talks about your opinions, ideas, and thoughts that you want to share with the world. And one essential step while creating a website of your own is to decide your niche. Various sites help you in dealing with these queries, one of them being myvu. Don’t know how to figure out your interest area and decide upon a niche to base your blogs upon? Here are some tips to help you come up with your niche.

  • Explore your interests

Sit with a light head, and just jot down things that you like to do and see it as your passion. Blogs can be written on anything to everything! So dug down your hobbies, even the smallest ones, they sometimes prove to be the most viable themes. Take your time and analyze what you really want to talk about with people, and have you got sufficient knowledge to do so? If the answer comes as a yes, then you should just go for that as your niche. Just take care that whatever you will be talking about, it must be accurate and should relate to people.

  • How is your environment?

Another thing that contributes to creating your interest is the surroundings you put yourself into. Your environment determines the niche of your blog since we are highly influenced by what we see and what we inhale. Suppose if you’re in the designing field, then you must love talking about various perspectives and art forms. Your environment might empower you to go beyond your limits and break your boundaries. You might like to share amusing facts about your work with people. Do your surroundings provide you the gist to do better?

  • Your experiences

What you’ve gone through and experienced to date in your life is a crucial element that will help you decide your niche. Life has its ways of teaching us and gives reasons to clueless. We all have gone through various stages during our lifetime, and everything we’d encountered has taught us something. What have been your experiences and what lessons have you learned, these questions will help you introspect what you actually need to do with your blog!

  • Does it fulfill your purpose?

Let’s be honest. We all start writing a blog for some purpose. It can be anything. Sometimes, to impart what we have and sometimes, just to build our own online identity. But whatever be the goal, you must check whether or not it is being fulfilled. Until and unless it serves its true meaning to the audience, it is not worth it. So choose a niche that you feel can impart your motive to the readers.

  • Do market research

Before finalizing your niche, go and check its viability in the market. Research about it and only put a stamp on it when it ticks all the checkboxes. Not every interest of yours has a market outside. So be clear in choosing your niche. Also, check whether other sites cover a similar niche and if it does, what new and exciting can you add to it to stand out among others.