Top 5 Tips for Applying to Study Dentistry

So, you are on a journey towards becoming a practicing dentist. The road to achieving this may seem long and tedious, but when you put your mind to it; it becomes less challenging.

First, you need to secure a place at a dental school of your choice. Put your worries for getting a letter of recommendation for dental assistant aside and read on to identify what you need in your application arsenal.

Top Tips for Applying to Dental School

1. Research

Though there may be general rules governing one’s eligibility to get into dental school, application requirements may vary from one institution to another. Try to identify the specific schools that you would like to get into and determine their criteria for application.

This information will also prove useful in your dentistry personal statement as you customize your application to the program you desire.

2. Get relevant experience

As stated earlier, application requirements sometimes vary between institutions. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with what the admission board expects from every applicant.

Work experience allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the role of a dentist in the real world. It could be by shadowing a specialist in the field or through voluntary work. Some schools do specify the type of work experience that they are looking for in potential students.

Your efforts to meet this condition will better your chances of acceptance.

3. Work on your grades

Your passion for dentistry isn’t enough to get you into dental school. Use it to fuel your desire and get good grades. Depending on the schools you would like to apply to, ensure that you meet their set minimum grades for applicants.

Also, prepare and take the required dental school preadmission test. The test helps the admissions board assess your readiness and ability to succeed in dental school.

When it comes to your Personal Statement

4. Know why you want to go to dental school

Your essay should sell you as one of the best candidates for a program. That is together with your recommendation letter for the dentist. To achieve this, you need to uncover your reasons for wanting to enroll in a dental school.

It requires a moment of self-reflection to determine and persuade the admissions board that you the right fit for the program. Also, you should be able to highlight the skills and attributes that make you an ideal candidate.

Remember to abide by any given instructions. That includes responding to the given prompts and sticking to the set word count (if any.)

5. Be Honest

Don’t try to exaggerate your achievements, in as much as you want to showcase your uniqueness. Identify the experiences and attributes that make you stand out from other applicants and highlight them.

Be honest about what you’ve achieved thus far. If there are any issues that you may have encountered, address them. Trying to hide them may not go well for you.

Get your Dental School Application Documents in order

Your research for potential dental schools that you would like to get into allows you to familiarize with the application requirements of each program. Identify the application documents that you require and get them ready.

That includes any letter of recommendation for dental assistant and transcripts. Determine the application deadlines of the chosen programs and purpose to submit your application in good time. The earlier you submit, the better.

Ensure to proofread all documents. They need to be free of grammar or spelling errors. It demonstrates that you put attention to details.

Read and understand any application instructions and follow them. Good students can and do follow instructions. You’ve got to prove this to the admissions board.