Top 4 Script Mistakes Call Centres in UK Don’t Want Agents to Make

Every call centre in UK knows that support agents need a call script to interact with customers properly. Issuing the right call script to agents is extremely important so that they can handle queries coming on channels like telephone, live chat, email, etc. without breaking a sweat. And when service agents are more comfortable with call scripts, they are likely to provide resolutions without looking out for the same in scripts.

But to get desired results while using scripts, it is significant for agents to have good listening and empathetic skills. Without these skills, agents are likely to sound like a robot, which will erase the existence of personal touch expected by customers, and this will end up with an average service interaction.

Thinking if scripts make agents sound impersonal, why they are being allowed to use? Well, scripts are allowed to use for the sake of handling calls quickly and efficiently.

However, the usage of call scripts depends on the current situation means if agents are facing a hard time while assisting customers, following scripts closely could be a wise move or vice versa. Here are the top 4 script mistakes call centres in UK don’t want their agents to make:

1.    Don’t follow scripts unnecessarily

Usually, scripts are given to agents so that difficult situations can be countered easily and appropriately of course. However, if agents start depending on scripts while getting involved in small or big interactions, this will definitely cause problems later.

Therefore, every call centre in UK makes their agents understand that scripts should be used when unnecessary interaction-related mistakes start occurring while assisting customers.

Plus, agents are told to believe their experience more than call scripts because sometimes customers throw service reps a curveball, which puts the latter in a difficult situation. At that time, the only thing that could rescue agents is their experience, as it empowers them to give the correct information without taking help from anybody or anything.

To make sure agents can act properly without a call script, UK call centres provide proper training.

2.    Make sure customers don’t realise you’re reading from a Script

For an upset customer, what could be more frustrating than feeling not being heard after calling a company to get an issue resolved? According to recent reports, 69% of customers stated that they hate it when a call script is being used during service interactions.

As we have already stated, scripts cannot be dropped as they could be handy while dealing with a difficult situation. That’s why call centres in UK want their agents to use scripts in a way that ensures customers don’t feel they are being assisted with the help of call scripts.

The most common trick which is suggested to agents during their training period is ‘Take pauses while speaking’. This trick always does the magic because reading out scripts word for word can ruin the most sought personal touch.

3.    Don’t show false empathy

Whenever angry customers make a call, they want to be assisted by someone who can empathise with them and provide satisfactory resolutions as quickly as possible. However, showing false empathy results in double damage, as the brand image gets affected due to negative reviews and customer turnover rate also snowballs.

Obviously, upset customers seek personalised assistance but they are not fooling that doesn’t realise after being fed a line. As per recently conducted surveys, 60% of customers don’t like to do business with a brand that has callous agents at customer service operations.

Instead of putting emotions into scripts, UK call centres train their support agents in a way that helps to become empathetic. If their expressions are personable, customers will feel it the right way, which as a positive consequence, leads to a better service experience.

4.    Apologies are not enough, offer proper solutions

Straightforwardly, when customers make a call to report their product/service-related issues, they don’t seek apologies. All that matters for them is the delivery of impeccable solutions.

Unquestionably, the apology is necessary, but it doesn’t mean you can waste your and customers’ time in saying sorry or showing how much you regret the caused inconvenience.

Call centres in UK want that their agents don’t use the ‘Sorry’ word again and again while using scripts, as it causes annoyance to customers.