Top 10 Feng Shui Products That Make Perfect Gifts

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a knowledge of the body that tells us how to balance our energies at any given space to ensure good health and fortune.

In ancient times, Chinese artists used symbols of birds, animals, flowers, plants, and other natural objects to attract various kinds of energies and good luck. The heritage of Chinese art, Feng Shui, was sculpting and capturing the auspicious luck through beautiful figurines which is now a house-hold name in India too. Positive energy called “chi” by the Chinese is good for your home which is received by the Feng Shui products specifically.

Feng Shui products are the best way to enhance your energy and existence. Using Feng Shui products along with Feng Shui symbols can greatly increase the benefits. The energy of both is strong enough for the complete house and will certainly attract positive attention for the family members.

Below are some of the Feng Shui products you can buy for the best results:

1. Feng Shui Big Evil Eye Hanging:
This every eye wall hanging will help you get rid of all the negative forces and energies in your house and allow the positive vibes to take over them.

2. Feng Shui Colorful Laughing Buddha Statue:
Buddha is considered to be one of the most respected Feng Shui products. He is regarded as the god of good luck and prosperity. Keeping a laughing buddha at home not only brings you good luck but also enhances the look of your house. Buddha statue with staff in one of his hands is the sign of good fortune.

3. Feng Shui Three-tiered Tortoise Statue:
Tortoise in Feng Shui products stands for good luck, longevity, success, and prosperity. This particular product is made with clay which can be either be placed in your home or office space to keep you motivated for your work. It is recommended to be kept in the northeast direction to gain the best benefits.

4. Feng Shui Golden Laughing Buddha with String of Coins for Wealth:
The symbol of happiness, laughing buddha. One can always find a laughing buddha in all Feng Shui product stores or websites. On a closer look, you will always find him with a smiling face. This Feng Shui laughing buddha with a string of coins when placed at home or office makes its way to you with health, wealth and prosperity.

5. Feng Shui Three Golden Owls:
In Feng Shui products, the owl represents protection from evil and gives wisdom. It also attracts wealth vibes in-home or business. Keeping an owl statue near you removes the negative energies around you. Three owls together are the best combination as you get the benefits of Feng Shui and is also perfect for home decoration.

6. Brass Feng Shui Tortoise:
The tortoise personifies a long life, therefore in terms of Feng Shui, it said to fulfill all your wishes bringing harmony, happiness, and prosperity in your life. It also represents good luck, stability, and determination towards your goals.

7. Feng Shui FUK LUK SAU Statue:
Fuk, Luk and Sau depict the ‘three lucky immortals or star gods’ amongst all Feng Shui products. These statues when kept together are said to bring success, fame, good fortune and authority. Each one of them stands for wealth, happiness and a long life.

8. Feng Shui Tortoise for Luck And Fortune:
Keeping a Feng Shui tortoise at home or at the office will bring peace, good luck, prosperity and happiness around you. it’s a tiny product, hence it is easier to place it anywhere. However, as recommended, placing it in the northeast direction is said to be the most appropriate place.

9. Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish:
An Arowana fish placed on a wooden stand shall bring wealth and prosperity in your life. It indicates positive energy and good luck. Keeping it anywhere around you will brighten up your ambiance with auspicious vibes.

10. Evil Eye with Hamsa Hand Protection Crystal Hanging:
A hamsa hand with evil eye good luck charm hanging is hung to protect one from the bad luck and negative vibes. Hamsa hand protects you against the negative power or bad energy. The evil eye removes negatives vibes from your surroundings. It is advised to hang it at the front door of your home or office.