Tips To Move A Fish Aquarium While Moving

When it comes to moving and relocation one of the toughest decision is whether or not to move a fish tank. It is one of the most challenging tasks that one may have to go through while preparing to move. Fishes are one of the most vulnerable and delicate pets that we can ever have and thus its safety becomes our utmost responsibility. If you plan to take the fish tank along with, then you must be aware of the fact that you need to be responsible enough to handle the same with care and ease at the same time.

Unlike other household belongings, movement of fish tank requires you to follow certain steps and procedures to ensure hassle-free and smooth movement of the same. Here is how the best movers in Santa Clarita move your fish tank:


The first and foremost thing is to decide whether or not you want to carry your fish tank to your new destination. Fish tanks are no less than mirrors but at the same time, they are bulky as well as oversized thus require utmost care and cautious handling. However, if your fish tank is old and outdated, then you can always think of leaving it behind but if it is in a good condition and appears to be brand new then it may not be recommended to leave it behind. Also, if you are going for a long distance movement, do consider the cost factor as sometimes transporting and setting up the old fish tank may prove to be an expensive affair as compared to buying a new one at new destination.

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Packing material

Once you have decided that you want to carry your fish tank along, the second stage begins that involves packing. Before you start packing make sure that you have enough material like fish bags, de-chlorinator, containers, rubber bands, air pump, and tank cleaning pads along with you. In case you are doubtful about packing the fish tank all by yourself then we recommend hiring a professional moving company to help you with the same.

The accessories and ornaments being used in these fish tanks must be transported in a sealed pack that too filled with enough water to keep all these things fresh and to preserve the bacteria. However, to wrap the aquarium use the bubble wrap on both sides of the glasses to ensure that it will be able to absorb the shock during the transition to the new place.

How to pack the fishes

While moving wishes make sure not to feed them the day you plan to move. Don’t worry about their survival as fishes can easily survive without food for more than a week. The reason behind keeping them empty stomach is the contamination of water that might happen because of the food. Never attempt to transport the fish tank as it is with fishes and ornaments as it can prove to be a big blunder.

Apart from this make sure to clean the aquarium thoroughly before transferring the fishes into the same and also keep the fishes of different breeds in different containers during the transition. Taking help from professional movers Los Angelesis the best way to move a delicate fish tank.