5 Tips to Increase the Number of Views on YouTube

Every month around 22 million people use YouTube.  It is one of the most used channels for edutainment among generation X. People enrich themselves with knowledge while entertaining themselves. However, to start getting views on YouTube videos is no cakewalk. There are so many contents and videos floating on YouTube. If viewers have to come back for more to you, your videos should add value to them. The more clicks your video gets, the more popular you become. Audience retention is a skill that only some people have. Everyone, who wants to draw the audience’s attention to his videos, has to use genuine efforts to grow the audience.

Let’s get to the business of tips to increase the number of views on YouTube. They are:

1 Use search-friendly keywords as the title

An attractive and frequently used keyword will help your video to get more views. A brief description of the video will help people to understand what the video is all about. If you add a keyword in the title, it will attract views very soon. A keyword is the most searched word on the internet, and hence a lot of people searching for an answer will click on your videos within no time. You can search for a keyword from the keyword planner, which is a paid search tool on the internet.

  1. Use clear descriptions for your videos

Under the title, there is a space for adding descriptions about the video. Stuff the keywords here and there. Try to make the description short and precise. Use SEO techniques to turn more eyeballs to your favor. This is an awesome answer to How to get YouTube views.

  1. YouTube tags:

Whenever you try to upload your video on YouTube, you will find a box that helps you to tag your videos. Cute, short descriptions help the viewers grasp what the video is all about. Most of the top indeed watched videos don’t have a tag. This is how you get YouTube views.

  1. Upload informative videos:

Viewers discover videos when they have so much to learn from them. Help them, providing informative videos that will enhance their knowledge. For example, a viewer wants to know “DIY tips to make a wonderful gift for Christmas”. There will be a lot of information available on the internet and YouTube videos. You can cut through this competition if you provide a unique idea to your viewers. This will fetch more views for your videos. 

  1. Share your videos on social media:

Any information will spread like a forest fire when on social media. When you share your videos on social media to gain more views for your videos.

In short, YouTube is one of the social media users widely uses to gain knowledge. To increase views on YouTube and to grow the audience is an uphill battle. Many people use shady business to create a feeling that their videos attract a lot of attention from the viewers. Go through the above-mentioned business trips and tricks to gain a lot of attention for your YouTube videos.