Things to know before you start a company in Sharjah

Company registration in Sharjah offers a sustainable economic growth that encourages businesspersons to find potential and development possibilities in the region. Unlike the other Emirates, Sharjah company formation is easy and affordable. The region is ideal for training institutes, educational sectors and cultural oriented businesses. Yet, there are few guidelines you must take into consideration before starting a business in Sharjah. 

Setting up a business in Sharjah can be complicated. There is a list of things that are crucial while establishing a company in Sharjah. Thus, it is advisable to know certain important things before going ahead with company registration in the region.

Listed below are ‘things to know before registering company in Sharjah –

Research and plan your business setup in Sharjah 

Researching about Sharjah company formation is a perfect start towards setting up your business in Sharjah. Registration of the company is a legal procedure involving the governmental authorities and licensing bodies. Depending on the business activities the procedures of company registration in Sharjah will be put into action. 

Understanding the process of company registration in Sharjah 

The process of Company Registration in Sharjah is fulfilled by the Department of Economic Development in the Emirates. Once the business activity and jurisdiction are finalized the process is followed by getting the business license under the given jurisdiction. 

Limitation involved in setting up a company in Sharjah

There are also a set of limitations involved while setting up a business in Sharjah. This differs depending on the business type. Some business activities are not allowed across the mainland and freezone in Sharjah, whereas as some company setups are only permissible in a given jurisdiction. Before getting your company registered in Sharjah it is recommended to analyze your business activity and understand the limitations in the region, if any.

Renting an office space for registering company in Sharjah 

You will need an office space to setup business in Sharjah. If you are considering to setup a business under a freezone in Sharjah, ensure that the rental office must be within the freezone. Once the business is registered in the given jurisdiction, it becomes mandatory for the organization to engage in any business activity only within the given jurisdiction. However, this is not applied to mainland business setups. 

Considering business expansion & future growth 

Sharjah business registration is a great option for people considering business expansion and growth in the UAE market. But it is important to ascertain that the given registration will allow you assimilate adjacent business activates in the future as well. Secondly, under the proceeding the company is registered there needs to be growth and development possibilities. Speak to an expert before!

Appoint A Company Registration Consultant

Company Registration Consultant take care of all the “things you need to know”. We advise you on how to start a business in Sharjah in the best means possible. You can completely concentrate on your business and do not worry about the legalities involved during the process of company registration in Sharjah.

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