Things to know about the Air Conditioning Blanket & AirComforter Cloud Sheet

One of the best performers of heating and cooling is the AirComforter Cloud Sheet. Cooling sheets are the one that can comfort you in the best possible manner. With the patented BedJet AirComfort Cloud sheet, you will have the best experiences while sleeping. It has a hollow interior cavity flow with the BedJet Air Nozzle that gently distributes the warming and the cooling of air into the bed. This significantly improves the cooling and the heating performance of the bed.

Which one do you prefer – Single Zone v/s Dual Zone

  • With the single zone cloud sheet, you can have all the fun during your sleep. It will heat and cool your entire bed as per the temperature you want for yourself. It also acts as a cooling sheet for the customers. It’s all up to you to select a technology that heats and cools you right.
  • The single zone comforter sheet will work best if you are the one sleeping alone or if you are with the partner who enjoys the same temperature while sleeping. The customers with the same temperature needs are the ones who will require this single comforter sheet.
  • The Dual-zone comforter sheet is the one where the interior flow cavity is split into two halves which is for either side of the bed. Half of the bed can be of different temperature while the other half can be of a varied different temperature. The dual zone sheet is the one which will have the two bedjet base units for sleeping well. If you install this sheet on your bed, you will see that it will remain unpuffed and this will just look like a normal sheet when installed. If you are a couple who like different temperature on the bed, then you must go for this sheet. There are various other cooling sheets that can take you to a different level, however, this is the one that will help you in getting the best possible comfort for yourself. If you combine the two BedJet sheets, you will have better control on the sides of the bed. The best thing is that both the partners will get the remote control from where you can control the temperature as you want. You can get tropical warm or cold as snow with these cooling sheets.

It is one of the best Air Conditioning Blanket that you can ever have. It’s up to you to keep your partner happy with the help of these sheets. The rapid enhancement in technology has led to a better sleep structure among the partners.