Things To Consider For An Effective Brochure Design From The Experts

Designing a brochure is not a very big deal. But designing a brochure that will engage your recipient and serve your purpose is something where you need to make considerations. A brochure is a crucial marketing tool which is used across several industries, regardless of the type of business – Business to Business (B2B) OR Business to Consumer (B2C).

Brochure printing is not just limited to the use of images or layout in it. It is basically a mixture of elements that work together in harmony to create an impact on the recipients.

Here are some of the things which you need to consider for an effective Brochure printing design –

  • Know the target audience – Brochure is a kind of marketing tool which is distributed to numerous recipients. So it is necessary to remember about your customer while you design the brochure. If possible get some recommendations from customers and also find out what are the kind of details they would love to know about the product or service which you are offering. The ultimate aim is to create a brochure that your target audience will read and take necessary actions.
  • Choose the fonts – The font of the brochure must match the look and feel of your brand. Fonts determine the readability of your text, sets the tone of your brochure and contributes a lot towards its design. It is recommended to keep the fonts consistent and uses up to 3 font sizes only – a heading, subheading and of course, the general text.
  • Use quality images – It is needless to mention the importance of quality of images when it comes to brochure printing or even a4 poster printing. The entire brochure will be an absolute failure if the photos used are blurry, jagged and are of low resolution. Stock photos are not recommended but even if you do use them, try to find a stock photo which does not look like one. It is highly recommended to hire a photographer to ensure high-quality photos which would look splendid when used on an a4 poster printing.
  • Keep it simple and clear – A brochure which is simple and clear can easily engage the recipients and also solve your purpose. Make sure that the message which you are trying to communicate via the brochure is simple and clear. You can make use of supporting images and texts to stand out and use a colour font which is easy to read.
  • Cover image – The importance of the cover image in a brochure is huge. This is the first thing which a recipient will see in a brochure. It is the cover page which should make your customers wants to turn the page and unfold other details about your brand. Use an image or headline on the cover which can intrigue the customers to read further.


These are some of the things you must consider when designing a brochure for your brand. It is also recommended to get in touch with a reputed brochure printing company like Eazy print who has the expertise and experience of printing superior quality brochures.