The types of endoscopy

Endoscopy is a procedure that allows a doctor to view the inside of a person’s body. Till a few years back it was put to use in the esophagus, colon, and stomach. Even the use of plastic biliary stent was restricted. In modern times doctor relies on the use of endoscopy to detect diseases of the lungs, abdomen and even the joints.

The definition of endoscope?

During the procedure of endoscopy, the doctor with the help of a tool referred to as endoscope inserts on to the body of a person. They are basically thin tubes with superior light and a camera fitted at the end.

There are various types of endoscopes. The flexibility or the length of an endoscope is dependent on which part of the body the doctor would want to see. For example, the endoscope that is bound to examine the joints works out to be rigid. But the one to view in the interiors of the colon seems to be flexible.

Various other tools needed as part of an endoscopy procedure

In most cases, the endoscope has a channel by which the doctor goes on to insert tools in order to collect samples for a further round of treatment

  • Cytology brush to figure out the samples
  • Biopsy for removing a portion of the tissue sample

The reasons why you might need an endoscopy

The doctor may suggest the use of an endoscope device for a variety of reasons.

  • Screening and for prevention of cancer- doctors are known to rely on the use of a specific type of endoscopy termed as colonoscopy which screens colorectal cancer. During the course of screening, the doctor may remove growths in the form of polyps that could lead to cancer.
  • To figure out the causes of the diseases and find out more about the symptoms – the type of endoscopy that the doctor is going to perform is once again dependant on the type of body part being examined.

Some of the treatment modules include

  • Surgery with the aid of small incisions in the skin
  • By the power of laser therapy, you go on to destroy cancer cells
  • Microwave ablation where heat is going to destroy the cancer tissue
  • Medicines

How to prepare for an endoscopy

Before you proceed for an appointment for an endoscopy check out with your insurance provider. Just find out the total cost of the procedure and how you are going to pay for it. The health care team is going to provide you with detailed instructions and how you can prepare for the appointment. In this regard, you might have to follow the below steps

  • Do not eat or drink anything a few hours before the procedure
  • Before several days of the procedure stop the consumption of blood thinning medicines. This would reduce the risk of opting for medicines. You can discuss with your doctor the type of medicines you can stop and how long
  • You can take a laxative or with the help of an enema clean out the stool from the bowel.