The Emergence of the Health Care Sector in Mexico

Healthcare sector has always flourished in every country, and the reason behind is because there always be the need of the medicines, medical equipment, treatment and doctors. The healthcare system in Mexico evolved in the year of early 2000s and was fully developed in the year 2012.

The system of healthcare in Mexico is divided into the sectors of private sector providers, insurers, and government-run healthcare sector. Several individual states of Mexico also provide healthcare services. It has been noted that Mexico utilises 4.2 % of the total GDP for the healthcare sector. According to a survey, it has been stated that approximately 70 to 80 % of the medical services are provided by the public healthcare companies whereas the remaining 25-30% of the medical services is accounted by the private healthcare institutions. The numbers surely do not lie, and hence it is the best Health care business in mexico.

The increase in demand for better healthcare prospects

Despite having the private as well as public institutions, there is a high demand for the good quality of healthcare services. The severe diseases may have been eradicated up to some extent and are not prevalent anymore, but still, several other issues are not yet addressed. Moreover, there is no beneficial health system which has played a significant role for the betterment of the general population and hence, most of the cost is out of pocket only.

The issues of the diseases, better medicine, and better reach to the people and that too at cost effective prices. Hence, seeing this niche of the healthcare segment, there has been the establishment of several new Health care companies in mexico. One surprising aspect is that there has been significant growth of the medical tourism as well in Mexico. Approximately 300,000 to 1.2 million people take the aid and travel to Mexico on a yearly basis. Moreover, the cost of health care is quite low, and hence, Hispanics residing in the US, citizens of U.S. and even the people from Canada and U.K. who are looking for the rapid treatment alternatives along with having a tourism destination in mind tend to come to Mexico.  

The top sub-sectors of the health care industry are bifurcated into healthcare services, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products. Amongst these, medical devices show the most promise in terms of growth aspect and hence are the viable field for the new companies who want to establish themselves in the healthcare sector in Mexico. There have been fluctuations in the market of medical equipment, and it too will stabilize in the coming years.

People are always looking out for better alternatives, and hence, there is a tough competition these days between the institutions that provide the healthcare services. However, the conditions in Mexico are improving, and with the emergence of new health care companies, things are surely looking better. It has been stated that the upcoming decade will play a crucial role in the stabilizing the health care industry and will turn out to be beneficial for the general population as well.