Steps to Pack and Move the Living Room or Family Room

The living room can be a little more difficult to move than the dining room or bedroom, just because of all those electronics and small items such as figurines, DVDs and books. This article will surely be an aid to you to organize and pack both the small and large items competently and successfully.

Sort, Select and Simplify

Like all other rooms, you need to sort and get rid of stuff as much as probable. Look out through each drawer and over each shelf to find out what items will be moved and which ones can be donated or which among them can be sold.

Pack All Draperies and Wall Decorations

Take out and pack all pictures and mirrors from the walls, including drapes, sheers and blinds. For paintings and original art that are precious, you may wish to hire a special packing service. You can reach a professional packer or talk to your company for rates and various alternatives. You can make use of a wardrobe box for drapes and curtains.  Specialty boxes can be got from a moving store or your moving company.

Lamps, Bases, Knick-knacks and Books

Next is to pack all the fragile items. Removing breakables will permit you to pack the rest of the room without worry. Make sure you make use of a lot of packing material to ensure items are well-protected.

Electronics and Accessories

For all electronics, you need to be very careful when packing. If you have kept the owner’s manual that came with each device, look out for the section on moving and packing. Also, if you have the original box, then that’s the best thing to pack. But if you have thrown away the boxes, you can always contact the manufacturer to see if they can send you a “return box” or something similar in which you can pack it again. If in the electronics you have large speakers, you can wrap each in anti-static bubble-wrap and ask the moving company to secure padding on top. If you are going for the moving process yourself, padding can be rented from interstate moving companies or the truck rental agency.

Furniture and Rugs

There could be a variety of furniture and rugs which you have to pack. Given below are details for the same

  • TV Cabinet: If your cabinet has glass doors, try to take away them before moving. If this is not probable, secure them well so that they don’t open during the move. The moving company may want to wrap the cabinet in padding before putting it into the truck.
  • Rugs: It is important to get the runs cleaned professionally before you move them.  Once they are clean, roll rugs and then secure them with plastic ties and keep them in large, plastic bags. Your moving company or moving supply store can offer you bags that are large enough to accommodate your rugs.

Thus to conclude these are the ways by which you can easily pack your living area. Choose between a full-fledged moving company & one of the best truck rental companies and enjoy moving your living area safely and successfully.