Stay Certified! Stay Ahead! With Big Data Certifications

Skill-gap is an opportune time to make the most of it. For employees of course! Employers, on the other hand, are facing the magnitude of skills-gaps burgeoning by the day. Certifications are indispensable, and complacency dangerous- in this world of utter chaos and competition. To stay ahead of the league, you have to have certifications which speak for you.

The confusion still stays as to which big data certifications to possess as no big data certifications providing body will ever say they are bad. It’s marketing and totally comprehensible. But you are the benefactor and paying the almighty dollar for these certifications, you don’t want to lose to a cacophony of every certification saying- ‘we are better than the rest’.

To grab the best data scientist jobs out there, here are our recommendations (Caveat: This order isn’t about priority or excellence of certifications. This is just a list with no particular order):

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst: It is specifically meant for SQL developers and arms individuals with loading, modeling, and transforming of Hadoop data. It helps with the extraction of important results and finding an important relationship between data and results. Students of this course are expected to solve problems for the analysis and extraction of useful information. It also calls for the determination of an ideal approach for specified time limits. As an additional facility, at the payment of additional fees- you get exam material under companion course.

DASCA Certifications: No matter what stage of data scientist jobs you wish to have a certification for, DASCA’s portfolio has it. That’s the benefit of a body exclusively dedicated to the cause of data science and big data because they have the expertise to match the excellence standards and international paradigms of corporates requiring data scientists and big data engineers. Starting from the very basic courses to advanced level of certifications, the wide net of DASCA covers it all taught by world experts and thought leaders.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional: For those who wish to use programming knowledge for gathering and analysis of big data in the dimension of SAS can be greatly benefited from this program. It also emphasizes on how programs can be applied to analytics even while working with Hadoop. If candidates with SAS are looking for new opportunities in the area of big data, SAS Certified Big Data Professional program will be a boon. Knowing the best of both the worlds of SAS and big data becomes a weapon to be leveraged in finding top-notch jobs.

IBM Certified Data Architect- Big Data: The professionals who want to demonstrate work abilities for solutions and clients to give them business requirements of customers must go for this certificate. This course offer solution which must be focused on big data where data engineers can easily continue big data program running in the organization or can strengthen and take forward the already running campaign. The individual abilities are increased for translation of architect’s solution on big data into a final version of the product.

EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA): An individual’s ability is increased manifold owing to data science team functionalities and participation in various big data projects. This assures employers that you will be able to perform data scientist jobs easily and raise their confidence level in you. EMCDSA certification is one renowned for deployment of data analytics lifecycle, analytical techniques application, reframing of business challenges, visualization of data, tool usage, and other stuff.