Some Herbs/Medicinal Plants for Your Good Health

Herbs as medicinal plants have a numerous health benefits. Many of them are easy to plant with your daily living. Even you can do in a pot with fewer efforts.  You may get a great return, with a hassle-free care.

# 1 Garlic:

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Garlic is one of the medicinal plants that you can plant in any season of the year. It prefers a good drainage of water and sunlight. Its cultivation does not take long.

In addition, garlic is a food that has many benefits and properties: it is antibiotic, antioxidant, fights nasal congestion.

# 2 Absinthe:

Artemisia absinthium is a plant that needs the earth to be clay and to be in the shade. Wormwood is very flexible because it adapts to poor weather conditions and the hostile climate.

It helps you fight menstrual cramps, anemia, bad breath, and stomach pains. It is also excellent as a mosquito repellent. Its properties have been recognized by traditional Asian (Chinese) medicine for thousands of years and it has a very powerful flavor.

# 3 The Aloe Vera:

As part of medicinal plants, aloe vera does not need a great care or excessive amount of water. It can be used easily and with maintenance without problems. In addition, it is very useful to be used in the healing of wounds, mosquito bites, cuts, and scars.

Helps purify the air and refreshes the skin. The part to use is glass.

# 4 Dandelion:

The dandelion is one of the medicinal plants that can grow naturally, which surely you had no notion is that its flower is sweet and while the leaves are young they are very good for making salads and it is very resistant.

Since its leaves contain calcium and iron, it has many healing properties, including stimulation of liver activity. Doing it in infusion helps the functioning of the liver and the better digestion of fatty agents.

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# 5 The Burdock:

For the burdock, you need to plant it on the ground, since its roots are quite long and it does not support transplants. The more the earth is fertilized, the better it is, while at the same time it likes semi-shade.

As part of the medicinal plants, the burdock has properties to combat the problems of infections, dermatological and arthritis. In Chinese medicine, they use seeds for colds and in Europe, they use roots and leaves.

# 6 Good grass:

Very similar to mint, the good grass is an aromatic plant and part of the medicinal plants that are used a lot to make infusions. Making a good grass plantation is an easy job since this plant adapts to different climates and only moisture and light are necessary.

It is very useful for diarrhea and stomach cramps. Helps to eliminate the gases that accumulate in the digestive tract helping flatulence problems.

It is recommended to treat menstruation problems in case of pain. Above all, good grass works with sedative power, in a gentle way, so it helps the treatment of people suffering from anxiety, nervousness, or problems sleeping (insomnia, sleeping little, among others).

You already know that: in your garden, you can cultivate infinities of types of medicinal plants that do not need much care and that can help you to counteract ailments, discomforts and with the proper care they can be inexhaustible. If you have interest on that issue, you can visit the best chainsaws reviews blog or by searching on google too.

So do not wait to have a garden of medicinal plants. Cheer up! And tell us how it went!