Occasions When Employing Remote Database Consulting Services Is the Best Solution

The role of a remote DBA team would comprise of three major activities including ongoing maintenance and operations of production databases; design, planning, and technology or development of a brand new database, or major modifications to the existing apps; and competent management of data and metadata of an organization. One DBA guy could perform all these three roles, however, each role promises to be extremely different.

A remote database administrative team is proficient enough to provide effective performance tuning, recovery & backup, replication, and a plethora of other database-oriented jobs for much lower fees as compared to the cost of hiring full-time in-house DBA.  Here are a few occasions when you could consult or employ the services of a qualified and experienced remote DBA for solving the problems that may arise.

In-House DBA Guy Left You for a Better-Salaried-Job

Even qualified and highly-skilled technical professionals often get fed up with late nights, intense workloads, deadlines, unanticipated last moment requests, and things like a crashed server on a Friday evening. Even though you need to offer competitive salaries to your team if you wish to retain them but often money is just a single consideration for staying with a company.

It is not always about money, compensation, or reward. If you could promise your in-house DBA team that there won’t be any unanticipated assignments or requests during the weekends, or they do not need to be perpetually on call anymore then, your organization would look far more tempting than others. You may have to seek the expert services of a remote DBA agency in the event your staff member has just quit his job without any warning.

Your In-house DBA Has No Time for That Specific Project

Sometimes, your in-house DBA is too preoccupied with a whole lot of things and is just not able to attend to your project. He simply is not able to respond to your requirements. In such a situation, you could seek the help of a reliable remote DBA agency such as RemoteDBA for timely and affordable solutions. If your employer does not seem to have the time to perform routine maintenance job, you could hand over the responsibilities to a competent remote DBA team. There could be an occasion when your employee is just too busy handling too many projects. You could then consider giving the new project to a professional remote DBA team who are reliable and flexible enough to effortlessly handle a broad spectrum of tasks.

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Your Database Actually Crashed Yesterday

A reputed remote DBA agency would be having qualified DBAs who are practical, standing by, for taking your calls for immediate emergency support services. You simply need to engage with them if your database has crashed and need to be brought back to action again. Remember if you contact the right people, they would be qualified and experienced enough to recover stuff from a database that has been deemed irretrievable. Do not worry too much about the expenses. A remote DBA agency would like to maintain a robust and a long-term business relationship. You may consider talking to them and discussing cost issues. However, irrespective of what costs are involved, you have to engage the competent services of a qualified remote DBA team.


Database administration is supposed to be a different role requiring a distinctive skill-set; if your crucial data is actually in a database, it is essential to hire a DBA. In this context, you must realize that a reliable remote DBA agency will provide the support you need at affordable rates.