Reasons to choose Black Quartz Worktop

Most modern households are increasingly preferring quartz worktops. These can enhance the interiors of any bathroom or even kitchen. Quartz is an engineered stone that comprises of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin along with pigments. Its Black starlight colour can work best for a kitchen or bathroom stand.

Since quartz is a manufactured stone, it offers many qualities, which are not found in other worktop options. If it is used as part of a kitchen, it can make your life very easy because of its low maintenance requirements. Be it a bustling kitchen or frequently used bathroom, a quartz worktop can remain sturdy with any kind of use. Even after many years of use, black quartz worktops do not lose their shine. These also come at competitive prices and don’t have to worry about spending much.

While there is a long list of reasons why you should opt for a Black quartz Worktop, here are some of the top reasons.

Aesthetic Look

A black quartz kitchen worktop can work well with any kind of kitchen interior colour. This is the primary reason why you should select it over any other colour. Whether your cabinets are white or brown coloured, you don’t have to worry about colour coordination with a black quartz kitchen worktop. What makes this colour even more special is the presence of tiny white dots, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of a worktop. It can make your kitchen look stylish and almost make it feel like the night sky. If you wish to make your kitchen or bathroom classy and stylish, then a black quartz worktop is the best choice.


Quartz stone has an entirely non-porous surface, and hence it is best suited for kitchens and bathrooms. This quality means that it cannot easily absorb liquids or water. A quartz worktop does not easily get stained and a black quartz worktop even more so. Any kitchen worktop generally tends to stain often because of some liquid spillages, which are not cleaned immediately. When it comes to black kitchen worktops, such stains will not be visible and hence remain clean and neat most of the times.


Quartz worktops do not easily crack or break and hence tend to last longer as compared to any other form of worktops. Only in cases where extreme force is used on them, they could get damaged, but this is a rare scenario. Quartz is considered to be one of the strongest and toughest materials found in nature. These are as tough and durable as a granite stone. 

Easy Maintenance

A black quartz worktop is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. It takes minimal efforts for cleaning a quartz worktop. All you need is a clean wiping cloth and a mild dish soap. As long as these kitchen black worktops are cleaned daily to get rid of any kind of stains, these can remain spot-free for a lifetime. Unlike many other forms of worktops, these also do not necessarily require sealing. Also, you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals or liquids to clean the surface. With very little professional cleaning requirement, quartz worktops can prove to have low maintenance requirements.

Life-Long Investment

Black quartz kitchen worktops are very durable and long-lasting. These do not necessarily need any replacement as long as the basic cleaning is taken care of. Also, kitchen black worktops can never go out of fashion and can suit any kind of renovated kitchen interior. Quartz can be a brilliant choice and long-term investment because it is also more affordable as compared to other worktops. 

With quartz worktops, you can easily customize the appearance depending on your overall kitchen interiors. You can get slabs of preferred pattern and texture. There are multiple such options available even within black quartz. Since these worktops are engineered, they can enhance the appeal of your kitchen with a shiny surface. These worktops are also known to prevent bacterial growth and automatically offer the best hygiene levels for any kitchen. If you would like to build a cost-effective kitchen, quartz worktops should be your preferred choice.