Permanent and Temporary Modular Structures – How Do They Differ?

Many businesspeople with experience can quickly tell the difference between permanent and temporary modular structures. If they have not yet constructed any, they probably have seen quotes for one of the two or tried to do an assessment on the viability of each.

The differences are visible. We will cover them in detail for the sake of any beginners that are still in a dilemma on which direction to take. Read on to learn more.


It is obvious that these two structures differ in cost. Both are pre-made in factories through the fabrication method. The materials used range from waste wood boards to used cargo containers. Permanent ones are often made of stronger materials like structural steel and metal panels that cost more. On the other hand, the temporary structures could be made of light aluminum frames and canvas walls, which cost far less. If you go to the temporary structure route, you are likely to save more than half the cost.


Some businesses may have no option other than to choose a permanent modular structure while others can go for any. Sensitive businesses like warehouses, storage facilities, and any other that still want to save themselves from brick and mortar structures should consider permanent modular structures. They can control access unless a person breaks in. Small businesses like restaurants and shops in a secured location can choose to use temporary modular structures.

Time Needed to Construct

Structures that require forged steel frames and metal sheets for walls like halls, churches, and classrooms may take time to make according to experts at temporary buildings uk. They require ground preparation and a foundation for some. But if you want a quick fix structure for your small business startup or a simple store in your farm, then temporary modular structures will work perfectly. Experts usually assess the ground and construct the structures very quickly. For instance, it would take a day to create a canvas shop when a client chooses an existing modular plan.

New or Expansion of Existing Buildings

Most expansions to old buildings are done through the use of permanent structures. They fit well and create a seamless joint whether they are made of metal sheets or wooden panels. As soon as the entire structure is painted, many people can hardly notice the difference. Because they are durable, they will last for many years just like the other permanent structures. Sadly, it is a little difficult to attach temporary modular structures like a canvas tent to a permanent brick and mortar structure, but they can be used if the business is already a temporary one.

Materials Used

These two structures use completely different materials. As we have already mentioned, permanent modular structures commonly use higher quality materials that will last a long time. There is no intention to move them from their position while temporary modular structures are the opposite.


These differences are important in helping entrepreneurs and organization owners to choose appropriate structures for their needs. A wrong choice will be costly and will also affect the business negatively.