Add Touch of Ethnicity to Your Party Wear Dresses

There is an incomparable pleasure in following your heart, especially when choosing party dresses. If you pick something that your heart says “yes,” then in all probability, you have chosen a fine thing. Going ethnic with your party wear dresses has its advantage, as well. First of all, they are made for the Indian body type. So these are something that you cannot go wrong with. Secondly, choosing ethnic also means that you are supporting the local artisans. They do need your patronage to thrive. So how do you go ethnic with your party wear dresses?

Bottoms Take the Lead

Gone are the days when you would pick a pair of jeans or an old churidar to team up with your everyday wear kurtis. Bottom attires do a lot of talking these days. No wonder that the Patiala pants, palazzos, pipe pants, dhoti salwars, harem pants, Afghani pants, and others have made a promising comeback. You can choose them practically for any occasion. There are umpteen varieties to choose from. For example, go for laced, embroidered, or printed versions. Again, each type of bottoms has a specific role to play. If you have well-toned legs, then churidaar pants would graciously flaunt your curves. Patiala pants, on the other hand, gives you all the freedom that you would need to move freely about. Afghani tops are stylish indeed but could be tight-fitting at times.

Cropping Your Tops

Those having well-toned abs can go safe with crop-tops. They double up perfectly as your blouse for your saree, as well as a shirt for your lehenga. For that cool and casual look, you can team it up with a pair of fitting trousers, as well. Slowly, silently, yet steadily crop tops are becoming an essential of Party wear dresses. Cute, sexy and multipurpose- that’s crop tops for you.

Gowning Your Way to Glory

Anarkalis tend to have gone away for a while, only to return in its more glamorous than ever avatar. Anarkali gowns are worth giving a stop. With all its embellishments, embroideries glitz and glamour, they give you an “Indianized” Disney princess feels. Even those suffering from a perennial dilemma over choosing sarees and gowns can find their pick in the form of saree gowns. These fine Party wear dresses have a graceful silhouette that goes hand in hand with the sass of gowns. They are a sure shot fashion recipe to dazzle in any cocktail party or reception. Pick some timeless jewelry to make the most of your look. Explore your possibilities with the numerous designs and patterns that they exhibit. Also, make sure that you give some time to find a truly vibrant dress.

The Boho Chic Boom

There was a time when Boho ruled the fashion world. In 2019, when fusion fashion is the talk of the town, you cannot go beyond this throwback trend. All you need is some confidence to carry it out. A long kurti with worn-out jeans is the way to go. You might want to pair it with beaded belts, chunky accessories, and a bandana!