OVN: Best Services for your generators are available here

OVN exclusive Service division undertakes Servicing of all types of Generators from 3 to 3000 kVA and offers a massive number of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) with pre-characterized reaction time and service quality. The in-house Service team has the fitness to service virtually any Generator, whatever make or model.

The generator service center in Okhla, headed by the Industry proficient involves Trained, experienced, committed and talented Service Engineers, Product Support Executives and Service Managers, and work 24 x 7 to address the issues related with gensets and generators, kept up by them.

The Generator Service Division Offers:

  • Major and Minor update of Diesel/Gas Generator Engines and Alternators
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and/or Service Line Agreements (SLA)
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Execution Monitoring and Systematic Diagnostic and Failure Analysis
  • Analytic Analysis office utilizing unique apparatuses
  • Spares Management for the DG sets attempted for servicing.
  • Conference and Orientation/Training on all maintenance-related issues

The genset service in Uttar Pradesh division additionally offers customized maintenance programs to cook one of the kind needs of the client – be they various generator installations at a few areas or a solitary generator at a specific site.

The service team will structure and execute an annual maintenance program dependent on the need and focuses on a calendar. As a unique element, altered maintenance programs to address specific issues of customers in requesting circumstances, are additionally advertised.

Among the Leading Generators Serviced Are, OVN is always standing on the first position in the market place. At whatever point conceivable, power plant proprietors want to prepare for real turbine blackouts that include steam turbine upgrades. In any case, constrained steam turbine blackouts do happen and time and again result in the requirement for sped up designing reaction and quick turbine blackout services.

OVN customers with the work, designing, and the specialized specialists essential to address both arranged and constrained blackouts of all types of turbines and generators. Our skilled executives and venture chiefs are accessible 24 hours every day.

At the point when quick start-up and preeminent dependability matter, diesel engines have dependably been the innovation of decision. In nuclear power plants, this is the same.

Diesel engines are essential segments of the creating sets for the wellbeing of a nuclear power plant.

Under the OVN brand, MAN Energy Solutions has been delivering PA and PC diesel engines since 1946. The initial 400 mm bore motor was installed in 1951 on a land-based power plant. Until now, more than 4400 units of the PC class and in excess of 10,000 units of the PA class engines have been delivered and installed around the world.

The first OVN engines for crisis creating sets were authorized in the sixties in Europe and the mid-seventies in the USA. From that point forward various machines have been conveyed to different nations (in nuclear power plants) and have gathered a large number of beginning and stacking up groupings just as running hours, most likely giving the OVN brand with the most significant involvement in this specific field of utilization of diesel engines.