Misconceptions surrounding dandruff and its causes

Dandruff is a common problem for many men and women who struggle through it daily, using shampoos of different brands, opting for home remedies and even paying doctors for medicines. But not all get the relief of combing through a gleaming clean scalp at the end of the day. You grumble when the white flakes fall on your shoulder and apologise profusely to everyone in the salon during the hair cutting sessions. But what is it that causes the white flaky dandruff to be so powerful and obnoxious at the same time?

How do you get dandruff?

Research shows that the skin cells on the scalp are constantly replaced as new ones grow and they are also shed just like the rest of the skin on the body. But sometimes, the skin tends to divide very fast which creates the flakes. If the cells grow too fast then there is an overgrowth and a build-up which flakes off. This is dandruff. Some people are additionally sensitive to Malassezia furfur, an yeast, is present in the scalp. The yeast further aides in the growth of the excess skin cells. Therefore, the scenario for the continuous flaking is quite ready. Add to this the fact that some people are genetically predisposed to flaking. 

Common myths associated with dandruff

  • It is believed that dry scalp is responsible for dandruff on the scalp but in reality, it is the oily scalp that causes more damage. The malassezia yeast, for instance lives off the sebum produced by the skin. Therefore, if the scalp is producing more oil it is only better for the dandruff because it can create more flakes. 
  • Applying hot oil on the scalp is a bad idea even though do-it-yourself remedies recommend a hot oil treatment. Think about it, if the scalp is already oily which is causing the dandruff then how can applying more oil help? It will only make the dandruff flakes stickier than ever. According to dermatologists, rubbing oil can actually cause more irritation. 
  • Many people suffering from more difficult varieties of dandruff try to dislodge the sticky flakes before shampooing the head. Sticker flakes indicate that the scalp condition is trickier and needs better medicated shampoos. Even though shampoos of various prices are available but you can check the price of ketomac shampoo. Dermatologists suggest that by using the comb removing the flakes becomes painful. It is also likely that there can be bleeding and pain which makes the scalp open to infections. 
  • It is a common myth that hair should be washed less while suffering from dandruff. But in reality, the wash should be washed almost daily to keep the scalp clean from the debris as much as possible. You can also use a medicated shampoo like ketomac after checking the price of ketomac shampoo

Conclusion: Dandruff cannot be completely cured but it can be controlled using the right medicated products along with a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the hair and scalp clean is extremely important.