Migration agent in Perth: what is Australian Resident Visa?

In the Australian Immigration Law, Resident return visa (subclass 155 and 157) is a solution for permanent residents who want to keep up their place while crossing the border after the first 5 years of the period of permanent visas.

There are two resident return visas available for permanent residents: Sub-class 155, which is valid for 5 years and 157, which is valid only for 3 months.

When your permanent visa is given, it is automatically linked to the 5 years, S/C155 RRV. If you want to leave Australia before the specified end date, you need to reapply for another RRV. Which RRV you can apply, depending on which requirements you can fulfill.

If you keep PR Visa and plan to go abroad, then you have to know about your Resident Return Visa status.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australian Resident Return Visas

Generally, to give Visa 155, you have to spend at least 2 years in Australia. If the applicants cannot meet this criterion, then they should argue that their absence has not been more than 5 years and they have a relationship with Australia which is beneficial for the country:

  • If you are an Australian business person then prove that your company is beneficial for the host country. It is necessary that your firm is well established and legally operated.
  • If you are busy in Australia’s cultural life, then you have to give proof of your activity (publication, media reference, etc.)
  • You are appointed(or offered job) by an Australian based company.
  • If you argue with your relationship and importance to the country, then your thoughts can be considered as being an elsewhere with an Australian relative and abroad.

If you are not sure if you can manage the Australian Return Visa Online application, please migration agents in Perth, WA to get a specialist visa service.

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How to Apply for Australian Resident Return Visa?

Before you plan to travel, you need to start processing of RRV 3 months. You can apply from abroad for RRV manually, but when your return visa is being decided then you should also be abroad. To make the processing time more flexible and small, it is better to apply for Australian resident return visa online.

To get approval for your resident return visa application, you need to prepare many documents that may vary depending on your nationality. Ensure that you have attached a sufficient evidence for all the facts you have declared in the documents.

Features and benefits of permanent resident return visas

  • For those who can prove their presence in Australia in Australia during 5 years, Permanent Resident Visas Australia offers 5 years of legal and hassle-free travel abroad (leaving the country unlimited times and entering). If you fail to argue your 2-year presence and your absence is not more than 5 years and you have a relationship with the country, then you will be given a free travel visa of only 3 months on Visa 157.
  • You can work in the country without worrying about losing your job.
  • You save your place of permanent resident and continue to enjoy all the benefits provided in Australia: Health, Education, Growing Businesses etc.
  • Your family members will need to process different return visas for Australian residents – each for each

If you have any doubt, it is better to seek expert advice from Registered migration agent in Perth, Australia because you probably spent a lot of time, effort and money on getting permanent residence, so it is not good to be careless.