Lucky to Have My Antibiotic

During the earliest civilizations, they have quite a different set of social issues to deal with as compared to our generation like famine, slavery, discrimination, and plagues. All of which brought terror and agony among the lives of ancient societies. Some of these issues are because of the human imperative, different point of view, culture and beliefs but plagues are inevitable due to environmental factors that are beyond the control of man.

Its ravages caused millions of lives all over the globe and given their technological advancement and primitive practices there was nothing left to do but mourn for their losses. Like in Egypt where Egyptians got sick because of an infection and their doctors and priests couldn’t heal them. In ancient Greek were their finest and noblest soldiers got a bacterial infection which killed the hosts at a faster rate.

The most tragic plague caused thirty to sixty percent of the world’s population and is again caused by a bacterial infection that first terrorized Asia to Western Europe. All of these horrors could have been prevented if antibiotics were available to them and the average life expectancy for human beings would be higher.

Penicillin was the first true antibiotic that was discovered by Alexander Fleming, and it was deemed the greatest medical advancement in history because it sprouted a lot of ideas that began the era of antibiotics. It aided the doctors in world war two from blood poisoning and also helped the average citizen in their illnesses.

We wouldn’t go this far in therapeutic advancement if it isn’t because of the discovery of this antibiotic. We would still have a life expectancy no greater than forty, pandemic infections would again hunt our communities, and we wouldn’t reach this era of industrialization and technological advancement. And with that, speaking of pandemic outbreaks and lack of a cure, let’s talk about the antibiotics of today.

Antibiotics of today!

Antibiotics have been very accessible in local markets today; some drugs wouldn’t even need prescription notes from the doctors to be purchased. Nowadays, bacterial infections can be easily treated and are considered non-fatal for most people. The most common bacterial infection in our society currently is diseases like sinusitis, urinary tract infection, infection in the skin and ears, bronchitis and pneumonia which are easily treated with Amoxicillin TR Potassium Clavulanate one of the leading treatment for these diseases. This brand is the antibiotic of today.

So What About this Antibiotic?

This drug cures the diseases aforementioned, it stops the growth of the bacteria and also, the good thing about this drug is that it prevents these bacteria from becoming resistant to the treatment.

How should to Use this Antibiotic?

This drug should be taken every twelve hours to ensure efficiency in the body. Finish the full prescribed amount by the doctor because stopping the medication too early can allow the bacteria to grow again thus the resistance of the bacteria. Swallow the pill whole without crushing and chewing.

Avoid taking this medication along with a high-fat meal as it can reduce the absorption of the drug. Avoid taking this drug if you have, kidney disease, liver problems or allergic to penicillin. Do not take greater amounts and follow the instructions of your physician. Before anything else, consult your doctor before taking these drugs and do not self-medicate because it will only lead to worse conditions.

Does it Have Side effects?

Side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. These occurrences are not that common, other conditions than that may signify that you are allergic to penicillin. Inform your doctor if the drug doesn’t seem to work and if the said side effects persist or worsen.

Availability of Amoxicillin/Potassium Clavulanate

This antibiotic can easily be accessed in drug stores and pharmacies; a prescription note from the doctor might be asked from you for the needed amount and dosage. Some distributors even sell coupons like Amoxicillin TR Potassium Clavulanate Discount to both doctor and patients that offer markdowns. This can be profitable for drug stores and a big save for patients.


Antibiotics aided the world in combating deadly diseases turning these illnesses from pandemic and deadly to non-serious infection. The problem today concerning this is that other people take this drug for granted thus the resistance of the bacteria.

That is why we should always remember that our line of defenses against these infections is limited were as the bacteria always strive for survival and that is why we must be responsible in the consumption of these miraculous drugs. Antibiotic is a gift to the humankind, and we should always keep in mind to never abuse its wonders.