List of Best B2B Lead Generation Companies to work with

Lead generation has always been a daunting task for many B2B marketers. It is and will always be the first requirement of any business because it’s the lifeblood of all the businesses in the world.

There are various ways of generating leads such as email marketing, content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and more. But how will you ensure that the strategy that you have chosen for your business is correct? If correct, are you doing it right?

5 tips for Choosing Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Lead generation companies help businesses by providing them with the correct strategies and better marketing insights. Such companies help you in creating great marketing campaigns so that there doesn’t remain any void in the process due to which your business could have to suffer.

I have gathered a list of five companies that have proved to be essential in generating B2B leads. Let’s have a look at the description of companies given below:

Top Lead Generation Companies


Salsify is a US-based company that provides outsourced B2B lead generation services to the businesses of different sizes. Because of its low pricing structure, small businesses can also hire the products offered by Salsify and can drive a high amount of B2B leads.

Salsify offers the following products and solutions:

  • B2B signals;
  • Marketing Insights;
  • Data quality solutions such as data maintenance, contact verification, and CRM appends, and cleansing;
  • Appointment setting and customized solutions;
  • Marketing qualified leads that involve content syndication, event promotion, content discovery and account profiling.


It’s a company completely indulged in providing both B2B and B2C call center services. The company has also proved itself best at delivering great lead generation services, customer survey, and telemarketing services.

The company provides various call center outsourcing services, described below, that help business to retain quality and drive more sales to the business-

  • Outbound call center
  • Inbound call center
  • Data entry services
  • Manpower outsourcing
  • Web-enabled services
  • Market research

Abby Connect

It’s one of the best receptionist and answering service providers which is especially loved by small businesses. Services that Abby Connect provides are message delivery via email, flexible call handling, bilingual receptionists, non-stop customer care, and more services to help you achieve various business goals.

Additionally, the company offers 14-days free trial and the pricing details include $249/month with guaranteed live answering, unlimited voicemail boxes, elite customer experience etc.


Leadformly provides a conversion-optimized form that will help you separate leads from non-leads. The built-in analytics and audience insights, in Leadformly, could be helpful in making marketers understand the leads and how your forms are doing.

Even the pricing that Leadformly offers is very low .i.e. $39/month with 14-days free trial. The pricing includes 250 leads every month, unlimited form, various form templates etc.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics helps in obtaining visitors’ details using their IP address, even if the visitors don’t fill out your inquiry form, as discussed in Leadformly. Can you imagine, how much of targeted leads you can generate and how much conversion rate would be increased? You can identify your anonymous website visitors contact details instantly with the tool that Lead Forensics offers. The tool also allows you to combine the software with your CRM.

Products offered by Lead Forensics are:

  • Turning traffic into leads
  • Transforming sales funnel
  • Maximizing campaign ROI
  • Integration with CRM

The above-listed lead generation companies are mentioned on the basis of reviews and ratings they got from customers. You can definitely choose any one of them for your business if you’re planning to hire any lead generation company.