Lets know the Pros and Cons of Photochromic Lenses

Have you ever heard of photochromic lenses?

Well, if you have and you have ordered them, then that is one of the best decisions you have made recently. The lenses you need to order should be light sensitive or they need to permanently clear. Now that the objectives are clear, here is what you can know about the lenses prescription for sunglasses or your general eyewear.

So, the light-sensitive or the transition lenses are simply easy to decipher. They are clear in indoor light and they darken when they are in exposure to sunlight. The beauty these lenses are they adjust automatically and also to the glare. Thus, they act like sunglasses like the level of the anti-glare feature.

How do such lenses work?

With this, let us understand the way they work by incorporating a little way of how such lenses made with superior quality work. These photochromic lenses work when they are incorporated by a chemical which activates on exposure to UV rays or light. This reaction makes the lenses to darken in the outdoor situations and even on overcast days. They do not react to the light that comes from the fluorescent tubes and they do not react from the computer screens as well.

These light-sensitive technologies certainly make sure that your eyeglasses are versatile and multipurpose. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that they can block the full and 100% of the damaging and harmful UV rays and they can pretty much reduce glare as well.

What are the Pros and Cons of such Lenses?

Well, for the part that photochromic lenses have been here in the market for decades, they come in many materials and they have an array of lens colors. There are made by many manufacturers and the first advantage over here is that the customers have a lot of choices to pick from.

They sure darken through different kinds of processes and time but they all reach the same end. Here, proprietary dyes that undergo chemical changes are in use and that darkens the lenses when they are exposed to the UV light.

These glasses are convenient and they can be used in most of the circumstances be it indoors or outdoors. They offer some continuous UV protection and you will not require your sunglasses or put them for a trip outside. They can save your money and you do not need to buy a separate pair of sunglasses as well. They can be easily found and they are highly durable.

As for the cons or drawbacks of the transition lenses, they darken and lighten as per the way they have been composed or designed. Some take longer than usual to darken and lighten. As for the cold weather, they take longer to adjust to the cold weather. They do not darken that well in the cars or if the auto glass has some UV protection, then they do not darken at all sometimes. Some lenses that are being made today are designed to help solve this problem. Some of such good quality lenses can be found at Specscart.

Your Turn

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These light-sensitive photochromic lenses are a great option for your pair of trendy eyeglasses. Now it is ‘Your turn’ to get such glasses added in your cart list. They are the best way to get a lot of utility into a single pair of glasses and they can be the best option for you to defend against the highly harming UV rays. 

They can also be called the improved and the best version of the clear lenses and you need not buy other lenses prescription for sunglasses. If you are someone who goes out frequently, then you may need these glasses.