Learning To Install b612

An android phone is popular for its features. Earlier, mobile phones were bought mainly for its calling feature. It helped in calling one’s near ones anytime, anywhere and calling booths grew less popular and slowly shut down. After the feature of calling, the second most popular advancement in a cell phone was a camera. Since 2006, mobile phones came with the feature of the camera. The pixels of these cameras varied according to the size of the phone, but the mostly 0.5-pixel camera was pre-installed in the cell phones. Though the camera quality wasn’t as decent as a real camera of 50pixels, still this feature spread like wildfire and almost everyone wanted to buy a mobile with a camera. At present, the smart phone industry came up with different unique operating systems, and with the introduction of Android phones, this camera pixels increased and so did the launching of new selfie-taking apps like b612. Now the question arises how to get this application on android phones? Well, that’s what this article is about.

How is b612 installed?

It is very easy to install b612 application. This is an application favourable for those who are photogenic. The personal in-built camera doesn’t have enough filters for you to enhance your images. In this case, app developers developed alternate apps that are available to be downloaded in the play store.

B612 is one such application, following are the steps required to follow during installing this app:

  • Play store or iOS users can download this app by opening their respective app stores, Google play store, 9apps or Apple store
  • Type ‘b612’ in the search bar
  • You will see this application showing in the results with b612 written with a fancy font on a blue cored thumbnail
  • Click on it and then select install b612option
  • After downloading, it will be initialized and installed the local storage of your phone

Is b612 helpful?

B612 is a beauty app that helps you to enhance your photos. Different filters available on this application is what makes it unique. It has filters equivalent to the features in the leading application like Snapchat. Some of the filters like Tiara and face enhancing features are the same as this one, but unlike others, b612 is available in offline mode after installing. Though, some of the filters need to be downloaded and then, you can enjoy the features offline.

B612, unlike other beauty camera apps, requires the least amount of space and hence, it adds as a plus point. Selfie lovers are very fond of this app as it is very easy to click pictures and share it with your friends. If you’re fond of a particular filter and use it often, this app saves it automatically for you so that you don’t have to select again and again.

Is b612 safe for android?

B612 is made by the makers of LINE, a messaging app. After the fall down of LINE, the makers made sure B612 in no way sets any virus in your device. Therefore, it is a very app as it seeks permission before using internal information. The only information it remembers is the information through which it can contact you like your email address.

Now you know how easy it is to install b612 application and enjoy its beauty features made especially for photogenic people.