Know Some Facts About Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing can happen due to the number of reasons. Some of it’s are simple & obvious. Others are trickier to pin down.  Here is in this blog we are going to discuss the hearing loss reasons. Keep reading until the end.

  • Age Factor

Some of the common cause of the hearing loss is age. The age-related hearing loss occurs because the body cell especially the nerves are no longer able to receives the sound & send a signal to our brain.

  • High Decibel Sound

The other main reason for hearing loss is exposure to noise. When it comes to the loud noise exposure hearing loss, you will generally think about the farmer & another worker who works around the loud machinery or factory all day. But even each day sound can cause hearing loss. Hence you should know that hearing loss is more commonly caused by long-lasting exposure, even exposure for a short time may cause permanent hearing loss.

Now you must be thinking about how much decibel (decibel is the unit of sound) of sound is good for hearing. Thus the magic number is 85 decibels when it comes to the hearing loss which occurs due to the exposure of noise. The repeated exposure of 85 or high decibels of sound can cause hearing loss.

  • Hearing loss may also occur due to heart diseases

The ear is highly vascular part of the human body hence lack or low blood flow can cause the serious long term effect on our ear hearing capacity. So the heart diseases can be one of the factors which lead to the hearing loss.

  • Diabetes May also affect your Hearing capacity

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, and several researchers or study suggested that diabetes is also one of the most significant factors which increase the chance of the hearing loss. Some finding exhibited that the people with diabetes are twice as likely as non-diabetics to have the hearing loss.

  • Medicine

Some of the ototoxic medication is another surprising factor for the hearing loss. Ototoxic drugs are the form of chemical combination which has some toxic effect on the ear & the auditory nerves.

The hearing loss caused by the ototoxic medicine is so scary because in this case, the hearing does not come back even after you stop consuming the medication. Thus ototoxic medicine leads to the permanent hearing loss. Some of the ototoxic medicine are unavoidable. Some common drugs or medicine can also have ototoxic effects. Depending upon the concentration or the dosages, medication like ibuprofen, aspirin, certain antibiotics, blood pressure medicines & allergy medicine can act as ototoxic medicine and leads to the hearing loss.

  • Chemotherapy & Radiation

Chemotherapy and radiation also lead to hearing loss.

Due to advancement in the technology some now the hearing loss can be overcome. Hence visit medical professionals and organisation and set up a hearing exam. There is some instrument such as hearing aids. It is an amplifying device which fits in the ear and helps you the hear. Hence it is one of the boons for the, particularly deaf persons.