Know All the Benefits of a Critical Illness Policy

Critical illnesses may happen completely unexpected. These illnesses drain your family and you mentally and financially. In the past, people regarded critical illnesses as rare. The unhealthy lifestyle and the increasing amount of stress in routine lives have made these illnesses more common. It is time to choose your health insurance plans wisely so that you do not have to regret in future.

Multiple Benefits of Critical Illness Policy by Future Generali

If you are still not convinced that a health insurance policy will help to secure you in times of unexpected health problems, here are some other merits you will enjoy. Future Generali Critical Illness Policy offers the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Floater Benefit Offered by The Policy
  • Free Look Period for Those Who Are Dissatisfied
  • Prompt Turnaround Time by Future Generali
  • Lumpsum Benefit
  • 30 Days for Renewal
  • 12 Illnesses Covered with Tax Benefits

Things That This Insurance Policy Won’t Cover

You need to understand all the aspects of the critical illness policy before being a member. Here are the things that won’t be covered under the critical illness policy:

  • Out of Country Diagnosis won’t be covered by this policy
  • If the diagnosis, medical treatments or symptoms happen before the inception of the policy, it won’t be covered under the policy
  • If the critical illness occurs before the person takes the policy or within 90 days of taking the policy, the company is not liable to make any payments or entertain any claims
  • The policy does not cover certain treatments or medical procedures as is clearly mentioned in the policy

A person can know further details regarding what is covered and what is not simply by visiting the company website or making enquiries.

Common Queries People Have Regarding This Health Insurance Policy

People have multiple queries in their mind when they consider taking a medical insurance. Here we have tried to answer some of these queries so that the person can make a sure and unbiased decision regarding the critical illness policy:

  • Why is it necessary to take a separate critical illness plan when you already have a health insurance policy?

A health insurance plan is very generic while a critical illness policy covers you for critical illnesses with tax benefits.

  • Is it necessary to undergo medical tests before taking the critical illness policy?

Yes, there are a list of medical tests that a person needs to undergo before he can apply for a critical illness policy.

Things to Consider Before You Finally Decide to Buy the Policy

Most people consider taking health insurance plans but few are really aware of critical illness policies. The different critical illnesses like Cancer or stroke may occur any time and are completely unpredictable. These are not just mentally traumatising but also financially debilitating. Many families have suffered financially when the main earning member suffers from a critical illness while he is not covered by a proper plan. Pick a critical illness policy that covers you for such illnesses so that your family is better prepared for such times.