Doctors are referred as medical officers, who work in the government sector. Medical officer jobs are in great demand offering a great opportunity to the candidates. They are qualified doctors who are responsible for managing patients in the wards. They also provide their instructions to their associates while handling the cases. They assist in the management of patients and also provide backup support to the consultants. And if you are interested in making a career in Bahrain, then you must consider the jobs and benefits of working in Gulf.


If we talk about the responsibilities they are meant to provide medical cover, routine checkup, and emergency, while they are on duty.

  • They are meant to provide service for 24 hours if needed.
  • They can take responsibility for morning and evening ward rounds daily and if possible with a nurse for assisting and taking care of the patients.
  • They also administer intravenous medications or therapy if needed.
  • They also train, motivate, look after all the health care providers and also support staff for better handling of cases.
  • They monitor clinical performance and find ways to improve it both administratively and clinically.

Qualifications, if you are willing to become medical officer then you must have a degree of MBBS. While those candidates who are with experience are given preference.

As the profile is involved in the government sector, so they are entitled to benefits which are linked with government employees. They are usually hired by the central government, for that they need to clear the exam conducted either by the central government or state government. While private organizations also hire medical officers. They must possess excellent communication and organizational skills to deal with patients. They must possess valid license to work as the medical officer.

How to get a job in Bahrain?

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Benefits of working in Bahrain

There are many benefits of working in Bahrain. For example, tax-free income is the topmost reason for which most of the expats are attracted towards Bahrain. Accommodation facility is usually provided by the employers in case you are an expat. High salary package is offered to the expats. The country provides the good option to those who are interested in buying property hence provide4s good options to invest in real estate. Likewise, there are many other benefits of working in Bahrain. As the country has various hospitals in good number hence one can make the career in Bahrain easily in the healthcare sector.