Important Key Factors To Be Considered Before Buying New Android Mobile

Today everyone is using a smartphone, but most of the people are not aware of the configurations. When you enter a showroom to buy new android mobile, it is always difficult for you to choose the mobile, thus the showroom executive forced to buy you a model. Thus you must know about the following key factors to buy new android mobile.

Display Size of the Device

Smartphone display size is the main key factor in deciding the variant you are going to buy. Display size must be larger than 5 inches because this display size is must require accessing all kind of apps and features. While traveling many of us prefers to watch the movies, so this display size should be required for watching our favorite movies and television series. Also, the display of your android smartphone should be in HD resolutions to view better visual experience of your particular media.

Processor and storage

Processor and storage are the second most important factor while deciding your variant. For your android mobile speed, a processor is the most important factor so you must have to choose a powerful processor with at least 3GB of RAM which can run all kinds of high graphics games and handled all the android applications easily. The memory of your android mobile should be at least 32GB but if you can go to 64 then that is the best. After having these configurations, you can install all the high configuration of mobile apps and games in your android mobile.

Camera and Pixels

Nowadays Android mobiles are turned as the digital camera, so you have to consider the primary as well as the selfie camera. Smartphone primary camera must be 12 MP to 20 MP to take a clear and powerful picture and these high-resolution pictures will help you to make your sweet memories to be the most memorable. Also, the selfie camera configuration of your android mobile must be a minimum 8 MP if you are the selfie lover. Thus choose your android mobile according to these particular configurations.

Battery and Platform

Battery backup is the most important feature for the Android mobile to alive with your device throughout the day. So, it must be at least 3500 mAh battery capacity to sustain throughout the day. Also, the operating system of your android mobile should be the latest update to get new features of the applications and also the updated operating system.

Price tag and Value

Device security is the most important feature for the user because of most of the people using Mobile Banking or internet banking through their device. To have this more secured you have to purchase the Android mobile which has fingerprint security to secure you from external threats. Also, the price tag is the most important factor to save your money, thus all of these configuration containing android mobile must not be more than INR 10000. Thus around these price line, you can buy it without any hesitations.

These factors will help you to buy affordable android smartphones that fulfill all of your needs in an economical price range.