How to save time while planning an Indian wedding in NCR

The modern society may have brought down its stance on marriages but even now, marriages remain the most important function in a family. Marriage in India is not just a union of two individuals but of two families bringing together their traditions, culture, food, and festivity. It requires a tremendous amount of work to have all preparations in place so that the wedding with all its countless rituals runs smoothly with less stress and tension of last minute errands.

Here are some tips to keep in mind so as to save time while planning an Indian wedding in NCR:

  1. Plan in advance: Generally wedding plans start at least 6 months before the wedding but during the wedding season in a place like NCR, it would be worthwhile to start your plans a year in advance. Most of the wedding venues in Delhi NCR. This would save you from running around due to rejections from service providers due to heavy booking.
  2. Decision making at earliest: With your budget in view, there are certain things to be decided at the earliest and then you need to stick to them. Firstly, list out the number of events that need to be hosted and the number of guests expected for each event. You may not get the exact number well in advance. There would be some guests which are sure to attend and a few doubtful ones, but a rough estimate of the total number is not difficult to obtain.
  3. Venue and service provider booking: Once the guest estimate for each event is done, you need to book the venue. Try to look for a venue which has multiple options to host all events with the flexible number of guests. This eases out the problem of running around supervising different venues. It would be worthwhile having a single service provider for all events and the same person responsible for decoration, photography, catering etc. This way you save a lot of time holding meetings with a number of people and coordinating between them. You can also strike a better bargain. A number of banquet halls in Chattarpur and luxury wedding venues in Gurgaon offer the services of various vendors attached with them. These people have experience and are reputed in managing various events at a wedding and can be customized to your requirement. You would save a lot of time by taking their services.
  4. Distribute work and responsibilities: If you do not have an event manager then find reliable and responsible family/friends and distribute responsibilities to them. You would save a lot of time just coordinating with them instead of trying to get all work done single-handedly.
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Be pragmatic and flexible in your entire decision making. Arrange things if they don’t work well & shift your approach moving ahead. This way you can plan a fascinating wedding and also enjoy it fully. As a tip prepare a date wise checklist with all errands marked so that you do not run around a number of times for a given task.