How to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home

Limited dimensions in homes can push us to be more selective with our possessions and inventive with space-saving solutions. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your valuable space.


Be Crafty with Colour

Small spaces are ideal for being made snug. Rich colours can make a room feel warm, transforming a space from cramped to cosy. If you want a mood boost, try brighter colours. Mix up the tones, textures and patterns of walls, furnishings and fabrics to generate aesthetic interest and bring the space to life.

If bold colour isn’t your thing, try lighter shades to make a room feel fresh and calm, or all-over white for a sleek contemporary appeal. A glossy finish to any wall colour will help to bounce the light.

Kitchen, Dining and Living Room

S-hooks and rails on walls and the sides of cabinets be used to hang utensils, while window sills are great for flowers and ornaments. Make use of gaps between walls and cupboards with storage solutions like shelving Ireland.


Transform a neglected nook into a cosy eating area with a table against the wall, or go for an American diner vibe with a curved booth seat and chairs opposite to increase the seating area.

Homes are shrinking in what’s being referred to as ‘shoebox Britain’, with the average living room from the 1970s being 25 sq m, compared to a mere 17 in more recent years.

Bookshelves or the likes of shelving Ireland can be built into alcoves beside a chimney place. To avoid cluttering the hallway, a bike can be hung on the wall for a modern touch.

Bedrooms, Attics, and Offices

With a modern make-over, an attic room can become a spare bedroom with a box bed built-in or a sofa bed in a home office.


For home offices, try a desk with storage draws and cupboards, magnetic whiteboard and shelving to reduce the need for additional storage units taking up floor space.

Bespoke fitted furniture can adapt to smaller dimensions and with shelving Ireland, walls and alcoves can be used for books and ornaments. Recesses can also be a cosy place for a reading retreat.

Opt for beds with underneath storage for linens and concealed wardrobes with sliding doors to create a seamless appearance.