How to Improve SEO by Optimizing Page Load Time?

In the digital marketing space, professionals are always trying to break new ground to gain an advantage over their rivals. Every niche has its set of competitors trying to outpace the other in a race to the top. This sprint to the finish line forces digital marketers to cover all aspects of a campaign.

SEO is amongst the key areas marketers seek to drive improvement. Even a slight improvement in SEO can cause search traffic to surge. The common factors that digital marketers work on to improve SEO are content optimization, keyword analysis, and link building. While these are powerful and highly important factors, they are sometimes not enough.

Page speed optimization refers to improving the load-time of a webpage through a number of techniques. As an SEO factor, there are many reasons why page speed becomes important.

Importance of Page Speed Optimization

Search engines tend to regard websites with optimal page speed highly. This is because search engine algorithms are usually aimed at improving the experience of users. At a high page speed, the user experience factor automatically enhances.

Due to its direct impact on user experience, page speed optimization becomes an important factor in improving SEO. In many digital marketing institutes, students are taught several ways to improve page load speed. This is true for programs across the board, from an online tutorial to a digital marketing course in Delhi.

Going further, we will explore a few ways the page speed can be improved to help induce positive SEO results.

Image Optimization

On any given page, it takes little to no time to lead the text. It is images that tend to reduce leading speed. While removing images from content is not an option, optimizing images so that they reduce in size and are easier to load is what lies at the core of image optimization.

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There are a number of tools available online that reduce image size without disturbing the quality of the image a lot. In any case, digital marketers should be very selective about the images they choose to add in content and not insert any random picture with no context.

Choose Right Hosting Plan

Web hosting has a lot to do with deciding the average page speed of a given website. Many new bloggers and inexperienced digital marketers tend to buy cheap hosting plans to reduce costs. However, cheap plans typically ensure that the page load speed remains very low.

In order to make sure the website loads optimally, marketers should choose a good hosting plan that can manage their volume of traffic efficiently.

Remove Useless Plugins

For those running a blog or website on WordPress or any other platform, plugins are a part and parcel of the practice. Marketers, however, can sometimes add too many plugins. While some plugins are useful, there are others not necessary at all. Unused plugins tend to slow down the over page speed of a given website.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways to ensure page speed optimization and as a consequence improve SEO-related outcomes.

About the Author – Sheen Ben Philip is a content marketing trainer and writer with three years of experience in the field. He currently works for Eduburg, an institute known for its affordable digital marketing course in Delhi.