How Guest Posting in High Domain Authority Sites Helps for Ranking?

Have you ever heard of guest post service? Nowadays the number of people who do blogging is highly increasing. Due to this high growth, there are many different categories of content discussed in every blog. Some of them are fashion, culinary, travel, health and many more. Having a blog is surely fun. And, it can be beneficial too for each individual. However, a lot of people must know about our blog first so we can earn a profit. There are many ways to let people aware of our site, and one of them is guest posting.

What Is Guest Posting?

As a blogger, we usually post our contents to our own website. Guest posting is a bit different from that. Instead, we post our content into another website belongs to someone else. Of course, we cannot post something just like that. Every website has its own terms and conditions about guest post service. For example, some sites demand a payment before posting your content. Some other sites might offer the service for free, but it still has some conditions to follow. Please keep in mind, though, that not all websites are open to guest posting. So, you better make sure whether or not a site has such offer.

Guest Posting Benefits

Guest posting has a lot of benefits in blogging, especially for those who have the business website. These benefits are the reason why it can help our blog to grow. So, what are those? Check them out below.

  • It promotes your business – Through guest posting, you can actually indirectly promote your business to the readers. They will learn about your business through your content. So, you have to make an interesting post so they will not take it as promotional ad only.
  • It increases brand awareness – Spreading your posting to other bloggers will help to increase brand awareness. People will more easily get to know about you, your brand, business and product/service.
  • It increases your traffic – In blogging, website traffic is very important. The higher the traffic we have, the more visitors will come to our site. That means more people will be aware about our blog too. The number will be even higher if your contents are appealing enough for them.
  • You can get high quality backlinks – Guest posting can increase valuable links which lead to your own website. The more high quality links you can get will improve the number of your visitor and site rank.

How It Helps for Ranking

The benefits above are only a few of them you can enjoy from guest post service. There are still some more you might not know. One of them is to help improving your  website ranking. How long will it take for that improvement? The fact is it can do that almost right away. You might see the result in one day. Your traffic will go up, more readers will visit your site daily, and conversions will get increased too. You might also get a higher position in the SEO ranks.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to get such result. You might not be able to see the improvement within a day, week, or month. No movement at all is also possible. There are several factors which could affect it. One of them is the value of a link. When we guest post on someone else website, the host usually provides a link to your site. That link can be very valuable depends on some conditions as shown below.

  • Let’ say you guest post on another site that you actually own. If the link comes from that site, it might be a little less worthy
  • If it is from the different site with an irrelevant topic, it will be a lot less worthy
  • If it is from a high domain authority site with the irrelevant topic, it will be more worthy

Based on the conditions above, we can say that we must not guest post on any sites just like that. We have to be really picky in this point. Even if you guest post on highly respected site, it will not be that valuable if it has different industry. It will be valueless if the link comes from a spam site. Actually, that could be importunate to you. Furthermore, your links must be as unique as possible. They also have to be highly valuable either as a website or a content. By that, your links will be valuable to you.

The other factor is content relevance. The content of your post must be relevant with the industry of website you are targetting. The users of the site will be interested in your post. And, they might end up coming to your own site. As an example, your blog is about a dog food, and you want to guest post on a pet blog focuses on dogs and cats. Your content is highly relevant for the users. You may also post on animal life blog, but the result will not be the same. On the other hand, it will be valueless if you post on a blog about insects or other different topic. That is completely irrelevant. The users will show no interest at all, which means no new visitors for your blog.

Putting a link into your content may improve your rank. However, we suggest you to do it only once at a time. Furthermore, you also have to learn about the position. Putting links higher up gives more value than lower down in the content. Do not put links in your author bio as it does not give as much ranking points. Sure you can still do that, but make sure it links to your homepage only. As for the content, you can link it to a piece of relevant content on your website. That way users will not consider it as an advertising link.

That’s all we can share about guest post service. As you can see, it is very helpful in growing your blog or website. However, to get a better result, you have to learn things like link value, content relevance, or link position.