Here’s a Guide to Protect Our Eyes!

Eat healthy and stay healthy for a clear vision

We suffer from a number of problems. Some have back pains. Some have health issues and some have eye problems. Eye problems are very common these days. Not only the adults have eye problems but also the kids have eye problems. From a very young age, the kids suffer from this problem and with the growing age the problem increases if not taken proper care from the beginning.

Lack of proper food and nutrition can lead to this problem. So right from birth a proper diet should be maintained so that people do not face these problems in the future. The eye problem was caused mainly due to the lack of Vitamin A in the food. Lack of Vitamin A in the food causes the inability to produce tears, dry eyes. In special cases, extremely low levels of Vitamin A can lead to absolute blindness or drying of corneas which is characterized by some marks called Bitot’s spots.

The reason for cancer, obesity and poor cardiovascular health are associated with junk food consumption as it is quite well known to us. But lack of nutrition can also damage the nervous system forever, especially the vision. But this condition is curable if it is detected early.  A diet which is high in saturated fat and sugar may increase the risk of having an eye disease.

We should follow a proper diet from the very beginning to prevent the cause of eye diseases and other health problems. Some food which can help us to prevent the eye problems are-

  • Fish- Fishes are rich in omega-3 and fish oil. Both of these are very good for the eyes and if it is eaten regularly then it may prevent from causing any eye diseases. Fishes like tuna, salmon trout, herring helps to prevent these diseases.
  • Nuts and legumes- Nuts are rich in omega-3, Vitamin-E and fatty acids. These help us to have better eyesight and have chances to cause less diseases. Nuts like cashews, peanuts, walnuts, lentils are very good for our health.
  • Seeds- Seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds help to reduce the risk of eye damage if consumed in a proper manner.
  • Citrus fruits- Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is not only good for our skin, but is good for our eyes. Fruits like lemon, oranges and grapefruits are really very helpful for our eyes.
  • Green Vegetables and Carrots- It is always said that we should look to nature as the colour green is very good for our eyes. Similarly the green leafy vegetables are also very good for our eyes and for our body. We should eat these as much as possible. Along with the green vegetables, it is very important to eat carrots. Carrots work wonderfully for our eyes and if consumed properly it can help in reducing the eye problems.
  • Other foods- Some other foods which are beneficial for our eyes include sweet potatoes, eggs, beef, water etc. These are very helpful for our eyes.

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Thus we should eat healthy and protect our eyes so that we do not need the glasses and if we need also we should choose the companies wisely before buying them.